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Women’s Nutrition

Women’s Nutrition

Nurturing the journey from being a Woman to a Mother

Eating for yourself and your baby is important for a healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy creates unique nutritional demand on you as your baby totally depends on you for its nourishment. Hence, it is imperative for you to take the right quality and quantity of essential nutrients to fulfill your baby’s nutritional requirements.

Understanding what your body needs is the first step to eating healthy during pregnancy. The food that you eat has a great effect on your body and help you to successfully endure through the journey of motherhood. The general rule that mothers should follow is to preferably eat 5 Times a day: i.e. three regular meals and two short meals or snacks. Some foods have certain nutritional value that can help your body to cope through the different stages, uneasiness and joys of pregnancy.

About Service
  • Nutrition Assessment & Diet Charts 

    We provide in-depth evaluation of data pertaining to your medical history and daily nutrition intake. This further helps to create a plan for you to attain a healthier status.

    Nutrition Counseling

    Our expert nutritionists give you a detailed overview of your diet plan and strive towards making you a healthier individual.

  • Special Diets for Diabetic, Hypertension and Other Diseased Conditions

    We make sure you get only what you require and in adequate amounts. Our nutritionists develop a specialized balanced diet plan keeping in mind the restrictions a patient might have.

    If you have any questions regarding what to eat or what to avoid, consult our nutritionist who can guide you with the right kind of food you should take for your body.