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Painless Delivery & Labor

Painless Delivery & Labor

Obstetricians have the skills to manage complex or high-risk pregnancies and births and can perform interventions and caesareans. From normal deliveries and C-sections to the most complex pregnancy, providers can help you every step of the way.

At BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals, we have a dedicated team of anaesthesiologists who provide 24x7 epidural service to ensure normal delivery in the most painless manner possible. Painless normal delivery methods can be administered if a patient decides they want pain relief. We have experts with training in providing labor analgesia and they are capable of dealing with any issue that may arise. The procedure is completed within half an hour from the time an epidural is asked. We provide painless delivery and labor services for both natural birth and C-section. We offer the latest technology, and highly effective procedures that are at the forefront of the industry and our highly-trained staff can care for you and your baby throughout your hospital stay.

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What is Painless Delivery?

Painless delivery is the natural way of childbirth that is carried out with a special drug known as epidural being administered. Epidural significantly reduces pain in a particular area. During labor, the epidural is administered in the spine, causing a relative numbness in the lower part of the body. Despite epidural being in your system, you are awake and can feel the contractions and can push the baby. If you want to have a Natural birth but don’t want to go through the pain of labor, epidural is the best option for you.

Epidural is induced according to the wish of the mother or as the doctor feels necessary. Administering epidural is also done while carrying out C-section. There are some small risks associated with epidural, including back pain, headaches, and fever. However, these effects are rare and they usually don’t have any long-term complications.

Will the delivery be completely painless?

As a matter of fact, it will not be totally painless. When you are giving birth to your baby, there is bound to be pain to a certain extent. If an epidural isn’t used, the pain can be too tremendous to bear for a lot of mothers. The magnitude of the pain can be reduced significantly by administering the epidural. With the labor pain being less severe, the process of giving birth becomes relatively more comfortable and convenient.

Why Choose Rainbow Hospital for Painless Delivery & Labor?

BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals in India has a highly qualified and experienced team of doctors who have performed many successful epidural painless deliveries for both normal and c-section deliveries. Their well trained staff also have labor care services to help with techniques of easing pain during labor and have a painless normal delivery without any complications.

In Which centers Rainbow provides Painless Delivery services?

BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals has one of the best obstetricians & best gynecologists and anesthesiologists who have successfully helped many women have a painless normal delivery. It has centers across multiple locations in key cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Vizag and Vijayawada providing highly effective painless delivery procedures.

Who shouldn’t have an epidural?

Our obstetrician and anesthetist will discuss with you regarding this. You may not be given epidural if:

You have a bleeding disorder of some kind
You are taking medications that have an effect on the clotting of the blood
You have a neurological disorder of some kind
You have had a lower back surgery

Painless delivery without epidural can be difficult but certain health conditions or other factors may not make you a suitable candidate for getting an epidural before delivery.

How effective are epidurals?

Epidural analgesia is actually the most effective method available for painless delivery and labor. It results in a significant reduction in discomfort and pain.

Who can have painless labor and delivery?

Any woman in labor can have an epidural for pain relief, except those with abnormal blood tests and on blood-thinning drugs. Epidural is not a necessary requirement for normal delivery, but it does help in the reduction of labor pain. You can ask your doctor for some painless delivery tips to help you ease into the idea of natural birth.

Should I opt for getting a painless delivery?

There isn’t any definite answer to this. You and your partner should have a discussion with your obstetrician regarding all the possibilities of birth. Having said that, if this is your first time becoming a mother or if you have a low tolerance for pain in general, you should certainly be aware of the option of painless delivery and give it some consideration as well. You should contact a painless delivery hospital near you and schedule an appointment with an Ob/Gyn and an anesthesiologist to get more details about what entails a painless delivery and then make an informed decision. You should also keep in mind the painless delivery cost while choosing to go for it.

Why go for an epidural?

There are many options available for pain relief in labor, an epidural is the best of them. You can also ask your doctor to discuss the various painless normal delivery methods with you so that you can have options and can choose wisely according to your needs.

With an epidural administered, you can relax, rest, focus and give all your strength towards participating in the birthing process. The birth experience will be more positive because the discomfort of childbirth is reduced significantly.
If you are delivering by C-section, the same epidural can be used for providing anesthesia during operation and pain relief during recovery.
Epidural may help you deal with fatigue, exhaustion, and irritability, particularly when all other coping mechanisms have failed

Who needs to have an epidural?

Epidural is advisable in some cases for optimizing the outcome, such as:

If you are trying for a vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC)
If you have prolonged or complicated labor. Epidural benefits you and your baby in such cases.
If you have some sort of medical condition like a heart condition, preeclampsia, and hypertension

In such cases, you can go for an epidural to ensure that you have a painless normal delivery.

Does the chance of C-section increase if I have an epidural?

Epidural doesn’t have any influence on the rate of C-section. A few women who are planning on giving birth normally will end up needing C-section. This may happen, whether an epidural is used or not.

When can an epidural be administered?

The reason for having an epidural is pain and you can request for an epidural when you feel the pain is too much. You simply need to be in labor, you don’t have to wait for your cervix to be dilated to a certain extent. If you are really keen on having painless delivery and labor, you can have an epidural placed conveniently before the pain of labor is too bad. If you are going to give birth at a painless delivery hospital near you and you are opting for an epidural, you can be assured that an epidural will be administered at the correct time.

Can epidurals fail?

It may happen that the epidural doesn’t work the way it is expected to. If this happens during delivery, our anesthesiologist will do what’s necessary. It may involve changing your position or the catheter position or giving extra doses. The procedure may even be repeated if the epidural still fails. Some painless delivery tips given by your doctor can help you understand the process better and prepare yourself for a natural birth.

Are backaches caused by epidurals?

Backache is very common during pregnancy and it continues after the pregnancy as well. Epidural itself doesn’t cause any long-term backache. However, the site of injection might feel a bit sore for a few days.

What will be monitored for my safety?

Any changes in your blood pressure will be monitored at regular intervals. Depending on the advice of our obstetrician, the heart rate of your baby will be checked continuously or intermittently. This will ensure painless delivery as well as normal delivery.