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Visual Rehabilitation & Special Education

Visual Rehabilitation & Special Education

Visual Rehabilitation refers to the process of restoring functional ability and improving quality of life and independence in an individual who has lost visual function due to various factors such as illness/injury/genetics etc.

At Rainbow Children's Hospital, we have a dedicated department of pediatric vision rehabilitators and ophthalmologists who offer comprehensive assessment in in infants, toddlers and adolescents to offer the best treatment plan for their vision rehabilitation.

At Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Visual Rehabilitation and Special Education include comprehensive services such as -

1. Vision Stimulation - Offered to children from birth to the age of 4 years for the purpose of vision improvement.

2. Functional Vision Assessment - Offered to children aged 3 - 10 years, diagnosed with low vision.

3. Residual Vision Enhancing

4. Total Blind - Offered to children at a very early age with special education on how to manage it to perform daily activities.





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