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Pediatric Ophthalmology

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Rainbow Children’s Hospital has an ophthalmology department that works on the ocular disorders in children and helps them get clear vision. Through our diagnostic facilities, we provide early detection and management of visual impairment. It is important to catch vision disorders at an early stage or else there can be irreversible damage.

The pediatric ophthalmologist Rainbow Hospitals provides diagnosis, treatment, and management of eye problems in children. We offer the following services:
- Eye exams
- Diagnosis for the visual processing disorder
- Diagnosis of the eye problem that is caused by other diseases like juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, or any other
neurological disease
- Prescribing glasses and contacts
- Care for eye injuries
- Performing surgery, laser surgery, & microsurgery to treat crossed eyes, weak eye muscles, blocked tear ducts, infections, retinal problems, & wandering eyes

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Leading Pediatric Ophthalmology Hospitals

Why Choose Rainbow Children’s Hospital for pediatric ophthalmology?

Rainbow Children’s Hospital has one of the best teams of pediatric ophthalmologists who specialize in multiple treatment procedures including laser surgery, early detection of visual processing disorders, blocked tear ducts, retinal problems, and treatment of visual impairment.

In Which centers Rainbow has pediatric ophthalmology?

Rainbow Children's Hospital is one of the leading pediatric eye hospitals for treating any form of a common or uncommon type of eye ailment in children with its healthcare facilities in the cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Vizag, and Vijayawada.

What are the most common eye issues in children?

The most common eye problems in children are:

Conjunctivitis of eye infection


This is a condition where the vision of one eye is better than the vision of others. The brain starts relying on the better one and ignoring the weaker one. The condition is diagnosed when the refractive error of one eye is 1.5 diopters more than the other eye or when the eye is misaligned for a long duration. This condition affects about 4% of the total population. To treat this, the refractive error must be corrected and the brain must be encouraged to pay attention to the weak eye through occlusion therapy where the stronger eye is patched. Contact Children’s eye specialist in Hyderabad for your child’s ophthalmology related issues.


This is a condition where the eyes are misaligned. Often associated with amblyopia, this condition affects 2 to 4% of the population. An example of strabismus is the “crossed-eyes” or the inward turning gaze. Apart from this, it also includes the downward, upward, and outward turning eye.

Blocked tear ducts
Visual inattention
Pediatric glaucoma
Pediatric cataract
Abnormal vision development
Retinopathy of prematurity
Orbital tumors
Congenital malformations that affect the tear drainage duct system and the vision
A genetic disorder causing eye problems
About 30% of the genetic syndromes have an adverse effect on the eyes.
Visual issues in attention deficit disorder and dyslexia
Accommodative insufficiency
Refractive errors like astigmatism, hyperopia (far-sightedness), and myopia (near-sightedness) that can be corrected through contacts or glasses
Convergence insufficiency

Why is pediatric ophthalmology important for children?

The ophthalmology department at the Rainbow Children’s Hospital is an advanced eye care facility providing diagnosis and treatment for different eye conditions in children. The children can be from different age groups, including infants as well as children. We are a pioneer in treating children. Our facility and the staff are trained to deal with this age group.

When it comes to treating children with ophthalmic issues, you need different diagnostic and treatment protocols and modalities. Also, eye care experts must be trained to work with children and have an understanding of the high prevalence of visual impairment in children.

Can a child be tested for glasses?

An eye exam will be needed for an ophthalmologist to detect the need for glasses. Usually, to get an accurate measurement, the focusing muscles are relaxed by dilating the pupils. A special instrument called retinoscope is used by the eye doctor to come to an accurate prescription. After this, the ophthalmologist can tell the parents if the condition can be monitored or if the glasses are required.

Why is there a need for pediatric ophthalmology?

There is a significant and fundamental difference between pediatric eye diseases and adult eye diseases. Therefore, it is important that it is treated differently. A child has a developing nervous and visual system. To deal with pediatric eye issues, a different approach is required. Also, the equipment and skills needed to examine and treat children with eye disorders are different. Another factor to consider while treating children is the psychological impact the disease or the injury is having on the child. It is important for the management of the eye disease that the special needs of the child are catered to.