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Laparoscopic Surgeries

Laparoscopic Surgeries

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure, in which the internal organs of the abdomen are examined with the help of a laparoscope via a procedure called diagnostic laparoscopy. This procedure requires only small incisions, making it a low-risk procedure. Laparoscopies are often performed to identify and treat pelvic or abdominal pathology. The procedure is usually used when non-invasive methods cannot diagnose a condition.

This procedure involves introducing a small telescope inside the abdomen to carry out a range of procedures, including fairly straight-forward diagnostic procedures, which are commonly done in women with infertility to identify and possibly treat any obvious underlying cause for inability to conceive. Polycystic ovarian drilling and excision of superficial endometriosis the amongst the most frequently performed procedures in women with infertility.

Laparoscopic instruments are long, thin tubes with a bright light and a high-definition camera at their ends. Incisions are made in the abdominal wall to insert the instruments, and video images are sent to a monitor as the camera moves along. Surgical expertise at BirthRight Hospitals is minimally invasive and laparoscopic. As a leader in laparoscopic procedures, our surgeons adopt the latest technologies so patients have a comfortable, painless, and precise experience. The doctors at BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals, with their multidisciplinary approach, determine the cause of the conditions and devise suitable methods ensuring the safety of the patients.

At BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals, we carry out advanced procedures like :

- Fibroid Surgery – Myomectomy (Removal fibroids from uterus, including large ones)
- Laparoscopic Cervical Cerclage (for recurrent mid-trimester abortions)
- Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (even those with fibroids and previous caesarean sections)
- Tubal Recanalisation ( opening tubes after having family planning operation)
- Infertility-Related surgery
- Laparoscopic surgery during pregnancy
- Ovarian Cysts (tumours on ovary)
- Adhesiolysis
- Vaginoplasty Reconstruction of vagina in those with developmental problems
- Ectopic Pregnancy Management

After most of the surgeries. most women are able to go home the same day. However, few may have to stay overnight, mainly for observation and pain relief.

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