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Fertility Care

Fertility Care

Parenthood can seem like a beautiful, distant dream for many couples facing infertility issues. Studies suggest that infertility affects almost 15% of Indian couples, attributed to stressful lifestyles, obesity, high junk food intake and various other factors.

Fertility treatments can be psychologically, physically and financially stressful for couples that are unable to conceive. At BirthRight Fertility, we aim to make the dreams of parenthood come true. Our centers are equipped to address infertility issues for males and females both. Furthermore, we have witnessed great results with IMSI, one of the most advanced fertility technologies. We follow ethical and confidential practices to provide a holistic and personalized approach at every stage of the couple's fertility treatment.

We continually strive to provide our patients with a safe and comfortable environment as well as the utmost transparency of the advanced treatment they opt for. We also provide continuous support and counselling to our patients throughout their fertility journey. The ongoing efforts of our team of compassionate and renowned infertility specialists and support staff have been monumental in the JCI accreditation of our Kondapur Fertility Center. Our experts, with the help of the latest technology and an advanced diagnostic center ensure every couple’s diagnosis is accurate and the treatment plan is customized to ensure a high success rate.

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