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Women’s Nutrition

Women’s Nutrition

Nutrition plays a major role in health, and for women, different phases of her reproductive life can have different nutritional demands. Furthemore, the journey of a woman across adolescence, young adulthood, pregnancy, childbirth, perimenopause and menopause has different nutritional challenges at each phase. Adding to that, some women may have co-morbidities in the form of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc which can pose nutritional challenges.

Understanding what your body needs is the first step toward eating healthy . The food that you consume has a major impact on your body and can help you successfully meet your nutritional demands in different ages and phases of life, including motherhood. Furthermore, a balanced, nutritious diet can help you steer clear of comorbidities and any major health concerns.

Our experienced nutritional consultants at BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals, individualize your nutritional needs based on your profile and the stage of life you are at and make you realise that you are what you eat and help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

At BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals, our expert nutritionists prove the following services :
- Nutrition Assessment & Diet Charts
- Nutrition Counseling
- Special Diets for Diabetic, Hypertension & Other Diseased Conditions

If you have any questions regarding what to eat or what to avoid, consult our nutritionist who can guide you with the right kind of food you should take for your body.

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