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Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics help children develop their interactive and communicative abilities. For some children, conditions like dyslexia, ADHD, depression, anxiety disorders and autistic spectrum disorders can cause them to struggle in everyday activities making them prove to behavioral changes.

At Rainbow Children's Hospital we offer specialized care and therapy for children who struggle with developmental and behavioral pediatric problems with personalised treatment plans to bring out the best behavior and development in a child.

The following services are available at the Rainbow Children’s Hospital for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

- Prenatal consultation service
- Monitoring the development of the infant
- Evaluation for disabilities
- Addressing the challenges of feeding
- Diagnosing & Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Treating behavior challenges
- Supporting children going through motor challenges
- Helping in a crisis situation
- Providing professional development & technical assistance
- ASD-specific training

Through these services, we can treat the following developmental and behavioral conditions:

- Tourette syndrome, tics, and other habit syndromes
- Delayed development in motor skills, language, speech, and thinking ability
- Learning disorders like difficulty in writing, doing math, dyslexia and other learning issues
- Developmental disabilities like mental retardation, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, visual & hearing impairments, and autism spectrum disorders
- Behavioral and attention disorders like hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit disorder
- Conditions associated with behavioral disorders like conduct problems, anxiety disorders, depression, and oppositional-defiant behavior
- Developmental & behavioral problems that can complicate other disabling conditions and chronic pediatric illnesses like epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, genetic disorders, prematurity, and cancer
- Regulatory disorders such as feeding problems, sleep disorders, enuresis or bedwetting, encopresis or soiling, discipline difficulties, and complicated issues in toilet-training.

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Why is Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics important?

The brain is one of the most powerful organs of the human body. At birth, babies have all the neurons (baby cells) that they will ever have. All the neurons are connected with each other through synapses or a neural connection. The development of a child’s brain can be enhanced by changing the stimulus that is presented to the brain of the child. This process is known as neuroplasticity and is performed mainly after a brain injury. The process of remapping the cortex by making the brain more efficient can be performed at any time of life. However, the best results are achieved during the first few years after birth when the brain is still developing. For this, many parents turn to developmental and behavioral therapy. In this, specific exercises and tasks are customized for each child to create an enriching environment. This can be used for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the child. It is safe to say that the end result will be an improved potential future of your child where they are productive, well-integrated, and happier society members. Best developmental pediatirican in Bangalore can provide you with more details regarding the same.

How do developmental and behavioral pediatricians work with parents?

Developmental and behavioral pediatricians understand that family is the first place where the behavior and development of a child first happens. It is their responsibility to understand the family dynamics and the effect it has on the development of the child. The developmental and behavioral pediatricians work closely with the parents, school, and other agencies to provide the best medical care to your child. A developmental pediatrician near you will be able to help you know more about how they work with parents.

The most important component involved in treatment for kids with developmental and behavioral disorders is early intervention. Parents need to work with the therapists during treatment sessions. This helps in establishing the areas of the treatment needed to be addressed at home. In some medical centres, there are programs for individuals as well as group therapies for children of all ages.

How are the conditions and disorders usually diagnosed?

The diagnosis process depends on the base. In some cases, the doctors will have to conduct a comprehensive interview, observe the child, make a review of records and provide a clinical judgement. In other cases, a psychological evaluation can be conducted for a more comprehensive assessment. For best developmental pediatrician near you, who can help you diagnose the conditions, contact Rainbow Children’s Hospital.

How is the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics department at the Rainbow Children’s Hospital?

At our hospital, we provide individualized evaluation and treatment. Most of the parents that visit us have exhausted all other resources and are very frustrated. Our aim is to help them and their children live a happy and healthy life. Our experts listen to your issues and use their skills and expertise for providing you with a solution.

Whenever my child goes to see his doctor, he starts getting anxious. What can I do to make my child comfortable?

You need to make sure that the medical centre has an environment suited to acclimate the anxious children. It is for this reason, Rainbow has always stressed on providing a child-friendly environment. During the session, the doctor will try to engage the child in some rapport-building activities. This can be as simple as giving them an introduction of the surroundings and helping them get an idea of what will go down in their appointment.

What are some characteristics of an autistic child?

Autism can affect the following three main areas of a child’s life:

Impairment in their communication skills
Impairment in their ability of relating to other people
Pattern of behavior considered stereotypical in autistic children

The treatment for this is based on a developmental model addressing cognitive, attention, emotional, and social skills of the children. It also involves motor, sensory processing, language-communication, and behavioral strategies.