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Child Psychology

Child Psychology

Modern lifestyle has not just affected adults but also children. Increasing demands and expectations from parents, peers and society to excel in everything has left kids to deal with great psychological pressure. Coupled with small family size, where working parents have very little time to spend spent with family has further complicated the matter.

Psychological problems amongst children have always been there, however the magnitude has increased manifolds today. Childhood depression, behavioral problems, substance abuse, alcoholism are on a rise. Disorders like Autism and the Autistic spectrum, unique to children, also need to be recognized and thoroughly evaluated.

The evaluation of psychological disorders in children requires a lot of patience from the healthcare experts and others dealing with such patients. Deep Analysis and several sessions are required to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Treatment often involves behavioral modification techniques, avoiding medication.

Rainbow Children’s Hospital has well-trained child psychologists who are expert in evaluating children with psychological disturbances.

We work with the children who experience problems like:

- Difficulty in reading & writing
- Difficulty in pronunciation problem in social interaction
- Slow learning
- Fear of examinations
- Difficulty to concentrating
- Not interested in studies
- Forgetting previously learned things
- Hyperactive behavior
- Adjustment issues
- Lying & stealing behavior
- Temper tantrums
- Addictive behavior (smoking, alcohol, TV, video games, etc)
- Attraction towards opposite gender
- Bullying
- Bed wetting
- Disobeying with teachers & parents
- Stubborn behavior
- Stress
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Phobias
- Poor eating habits
- Intellectual Disability

Diagnostic & Therapeutic services :
- Comprehensive Developmental Assessment
- IQ Assessment
- Behavioral assessment and intervention
- Learning disability (Dyslexia)/slow learners/academic backwardness
- Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Assessment of ADHD
- Management of Behavioral Problems
- Management of Anxiety, Depression & OCD
- Management of Autism and ADHD
- Family counseling
- Behavior modification
- Attention Enhancement Training
- Social skill training

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