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Pregnancy & Delivery

Pregnancy & Delivery

Pregnancy and Delivery, together, is a journey that requires support at every stage of labor from highly skilled medical specialists. If you are expecting, your child will be the most memorable and awaited event in your life.

BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals was one of the first hospitals to integrate childbirth into the setting of a children’s hospital. There is enough evidence to prove that childhood, and subsequently adult health is shaped right from the fetal (unborn baby) period. Supervision and specialized care are essential from the fetal period, for the child to be born in the best of health before and after birth, and the first breath that the child takes should essentially be in a hospital that will care for the child from infancy to adolescence.

We have three strong pillars of Perinatology, namely fetal medicine where we are looking after the unborn baby, Obstetrics where we are looking after the mother during pregnancy, childbirth and eventually the neonatal stage, where we look after the newborn baby. This ensures that pregnancy, childbirth and transition to parenthood happen seamlessly for you under one roof.

Our team of doctors is committed to maximizing efforts to achieve safe normal deliveries. Rainbow Children's Hospital & BirthRight, is the 1stcorporate hospital in South India to introduce the concept of Perinatology. Our pregnancy and delivery specialists are available for you every step of the journey with support from expert Obstetricians, Neonatologists, and Gynecologists available 24/7 to attend. Pregnancy and delivery packages are available, and they are tailored to your needs. In our facilities, you can speak with the top obstetrics in your area to determine which package is ideal for you and your baby.

- Labor and Delivery: Our hospital offers family-centred care, providing everything you need for a safe and healthy delivery. We offer a safe environment for your baby to be born. Whether you need a C-section or normal birth, our professionals will provide you with the best care. You can expect the best pregnancy and delivery
- Prenatal Care and Testing: We provide comprehensive support during pregnancy, with our team of Obstetrics/Gynecologists, nurses and high-risk doctors or maternal-fetal medicine specialists. We provide the entire spectrum of prenatal care, including Neonatal Specialty Care, diagnostic testing and advanced imaging.
- NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit): We have highly experienced neonatal nursing teams and neonatologists to provide round-the-clock care at the NICU if things do not go as planned.

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Dr. Jayasree Sundar

Director – Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Breast Cancer Awareness: Need of the hour

Dr. Varalakshmi

Consultant - Gynecology and Obstetrics

Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital and BirthRight, Malviya Nagar, Delhi



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Which is the best pregnancy hospital?

BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals in one of the best maternity hospitals in India for pregnancy and after birth care. Their expert team of doctors and latest medical procedures provide best care for pregnancy, normal delivery services along with 24/7 neonatal care support at Rainbow Children’s Hospital.

What are the indications that I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant and don’t even know it, you will notice changes in your breasts. Your breasts and nipples become tender. Your breasts start to enlarge slightly and will continue to do so throughout your pregnancy. Other changes include gas bloating of the belly and constipation. There are some changes in the skin as well, like change in pigmentation, acne and increased oil production. Consult some of the best gynecologists near you to get a pregnancy test done and confirm if you are pregnant. You will also need to take special medications once your pregnancy is confirmed.

How do I choose a hospital to give birth?

The hospital's reputation, other mothers' opinions and reviews, a consultation with obstetrician or gynaecologist, a tour of the facility, budget, distance from home, the calibre of the medical staff and doctors, and accommodations all play an important role. So while choosing a hospital keep these factors in mind. BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals is one of the leading maternity hospitals in India offering best normal delivery and after pregnancy care for both mother and child.

Why do I get morning sickness during pregnancy?

There aren’t always clear causes of morning sickness. Hormonal changes like an increase in estrogen and progesterone levels are considered to be a cause of morning sickness during pregnancy. Morning sickness is a common occurrence during early pregnancy, with some women experiencing nausea within 4-8 weeks. When a woman experiences a lot of morning sickness, it is actually a good thing. It is an indication that there is a normal increase in progesterone hormones. Having said that, the absence of morning sickness isn’t necessarily an indication of any problem. Pregnancy and delivery proceed differently for different women, therefore, you may not even get morning sickness. However, if your morning sickness is severe and lasts for a long time, you should consult the best gynecologist near you. One of the common triggers of morning sickness is an empty stomach. So, it is advisable to eat every two to three hours. The symptoms can be alleviated by eating small and frequent meals of low fat or less oily foods and consuming plenty of fluids.

Success Rate of normal delivery?

Around 75% of women tend to have normal deliveries without any complications of pregnancy. The success rate depends of many factors which build up right from the time of conception to the time of delivery. BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitalls is one of the best maternity hospitals in India offering comprehensive care and evaluation for would be mothers and new mothers so that they have a normal delivery in most cases.

What changes occur to the uterus during pregnancy?

A lot of changes take place in the uterus throughout pregnancy. The uterus is made of muscle cells, which increase in number and size. The growth in the size of the uterus continues all the way through to the birth. With the uterus expanding and growing, all the abdominal organs are pushed higher into the upper abdomen. It causes the digestive system, including the intestines, to get cramped. That is the reason why you experience the feeling of immediate fullness, indigestion, and heartburn.

What foods should be avoided during pregnancy?

Unpasteurized milk, raw fish, uncooked shellfish, blue and mold-ripened cheeses, anything-that contains raw eggs (including homemade ice cream and mousse), and any chilled or frozen convenience meals should be avoided as they have a higher risk of harboring bacteria. Your pregnancy and delivery can get complicated, if a proper diet is not maintained throughout the duration of the pregnancy.

What are the nutritional requirements of a pregnant woman?

Having a balanced nutritional plate is important, even in the early stages of pregnancy or before it. The daily caloric requirement increases by around 300 calories during pregnancy. Nutrition has a huge impact on fetal development in early pregnancy. The body does compensate and takes valuable nutrients from whatever you eat, but having a balanced and healthier diet ensures fewer developmental problems. There is also an increased need for folic acid. Women are also advised to start taking prenatal vitamins even before they conceive and continue taking it through pregnancy. BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals maternity packages will help you navigate through your pregnancy in the best way possible.

What are the different stages of labor?

The initial stage of labor starts with the start of contractions and continues until complete dilation of the cervix. The second stage involves the mother pushing and it ends when the baby comes out. The final stage starts with the delivery of the baby and concludes with the expulsion of the placenta. BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals offers Rainbow hospital maternity packages that will help you go through pregnancy and delivery comfortably and without any complications.

What are the dangers of smoking and drinking to the baby?

Tobacco is really harmful to both the mother and the baby. It has an adverse effect on the respiratory system. It increases the risk of getting pneumonia and infections and even worsens asthma. Smoking has an effect on the cardiovascular system of the mother as well. Not just that, it can bring about skin changes and changes in mood and general well-being. Smoke can possibly cause the birth of low-birth-weight babies. Likewise, alcohol is known to cause fetal alcohol syndrome, even in regular doses of small amounts.

What causes pain during labor and delivery?

The squeezing and contraction of uterine muscle causes labor pain. There are even chemicals called prostaglandins released during labor that are actually known to cause pain. By choosing the correct pregnancy and delivery package, you can ensure that you get the right information about your pregnancy and delivery.

In Which centers Rainbow provides Pregnancy & Delivery services, India?

BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals offers its best maternity hospital offering normal delivery and after birth care in multiple key locations in major cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Vizag and Vijayawada.

How much weight gain is normal?

Your BMI or body mass index before pregnancy is used for calculating normal weight gain. Your BMI determines whether you are underweight, healthy weight or overweight. The recommended weight gain for women who are underweight before getting pregnant is between 12.5 kg and 18 kg. The recommended weight gain for women who have an average BMI before getting pregnant is between 11.5 kg and 16 kg. The recommended weight gain for women who are underweight before getting pregnant is between 7 kg and 11.5 kg.

What are the early signs of labor?

Regular contractions are early indications of labor. It is recommended to time your contractions and check if they last 30-60 seconds and come more than 4-6 times an hour. Contractions usually start with some mild cramping. Apart from contractions, mucus changes should be looked out for as well. The water can break before contraction starts, either as a large gush of fluid or a small trickle. You should call us right away when that happens. BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals is the best hospital for delivery and after-birth care for you and your newborn.