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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Dental problems are common in children during their younger years. Careful attention and care needs to be given to their oral hygiene in order to prevent cavities, dental infections and oral disease.

At Rainbow Children's Hospital, our pediatric dentists specialise in preventive and restorative care for all types of dental problems in children with special expertise in dental fillings, sealants, flouride treatments, tooth extractions, root canals & pediatric surgeries of soft tissues in the oral cavity.

Our 24/7 emergency care also offers generalised treatments for children who suffer with dental pain, trauma & infections. Abnormalities like cleft lips & palates, decayed teeth, malocclusion, TMJ dysfunctions can all be treated on time and cured to normalcy thanks to our expert team of dentists at Rainbow Children's Hospitals.

In the Pediatric Dentistry Department of the Rainbow Children’s Hospital, we offer the following services:

- Dental hygiene
- Dental fillings
- Dental sealants
- Dental X-rays
- Fluoride treatments
- Oral health exams
- Dentistry with Nitrous Oxide
- Dental crowns
- Emergency care
- Root canals or pulpotomies
- Sports mouthguards
- Tooth extractions

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Why Choose Rainbow Children’s Hospital for a pediatric dental?

The pediatric dentists at Rainbow Children's Hospital are experts in preventive and restorative care for all kinds of pediatric dental issues that affect kids, with their specialized expertise in dental fillings, sealants, fluoride treatments, tooth extractions, root canals, and pediatric dental surgeries of the soft tissues.

In Which centers Rainbow has a pediatric dental department?

Rainbow Children’s Hospital is one of the best pediatric dental hospitals which is led by an expert team of doctors and has 24/7 emergency care for children who suffer from dental pain, trauma & infections. The hospital offers the best treatments for pediatric dental problems in the cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Vizag, and Vijayawada.

What is the best way of cleaning my baby’s teeth?

Even before your baby gets his/her first tooth, you can start using a soft, damp washcloth for cleaning their gums after feeding. When they get their first tooth, you can use a toothbrush for cleaning it. Make sure that the toothbrush is one with a small head and soft bristles. There are several toothbrushes available that are specifically designed for infants. Once your child gets his/her teeth, you should examine them yourself every two weeks. During the checking, you need to look for discoloration or lines that might indicate tooth decay. It is important that you brush your kid’s teeth after eating or feeding because liquids and sugary foods can attack the new teeth easily. At an early age, you should get them to brush 4 times a day; after all the 3 meals and once before going to bed.

Why do baby teeth require special care if they are not permanent?

Even though they are not permanent teeth, the first teeth of your child will be very important for their development. When they are in place, they help your child in speaking, chewing, and smiling. They are also responsible for holding the space in the jaw for the permanent teeth. If due to decay or damage, your child loses a tooth early, the neighboring tooth might start encroaching on that space resulting in misplaced or crooked permanent teeth. Also, the oral health of your child’s gum and teeth will affect their general health. Pediatric dentist in Bangalore can treat all your child’s dental issues.

When can I start using toothpaste for cleaning my child’s teeth?

You can start using toothpaste for cleaning your child’s teeth as soon as they have some teeth. For each cleaning, use a small amount of toothpaste. Make sure that you buy a toothpaste that is suitable for your child’s age and doesn’t contain fluoride. Too much fluoride can be dangerous for your child. After your child is done brushing, make them rinse and spit the toothpaste out. This will become a habit which will be useful when they finally start using fluoride toothpaste. It is very common for children to swallow toothpaste after they are done brushing. However, if they swallow too much fluoride, it can stain their teeth. Until your child is ready to brush all by themselves, you need to do it for them. If your child is facing any dental issues, consult Pediatric dentist Bangalore for the best treatment.

What is the reason for cavities?

The mouth is home to different types of bacteria. When your child eats sugary food and it is left behind on and in between the teeth, the bacteria contact them and produce acid. This acid can attack the enamel present on the teeth’s exterior. Eventually, the acid would have eaten through the enamel resulting in holes in the teeth that are called cavities.

What can I do to make sure my child doesn’t have cavities?

Here are some tips for helping you protect your kid from cavities:

Make sure that your child is brushing their teeth twice a day
Teach them how to floss as flossing can help reach places between the teeth where a toothbrush can’t.
Ask your child’s pediatric dentist to recommend a fluoride supplement that makes the tooth enamel resistant to decay.
Limit their snacking, avoid sugary drinks and food, and maintain a healthy diet.
Make regular appointments with the pediatric dentist to make sure that your child’s teeth are in good condition.

Is there a need for dental sealants for my child?

Sealants are used for covering fissures and pits in the teeth that are difficult for a toothbrush to clean. These fissures and pits are more susceptible to decay. The pediatric dentist might recommend sealants as a simple and safe way of helping your child in avoiding cavities, especially for the molars that are harder to reach.