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About Service
  • Donor sperm is a suitable treatment option for couples with:

    Azoospermia – a complete absence of sperm

    Very low sperm count or poor quality sperm

    Who do not wish to undergo IVF (ICSI).

    Failure to obtain sperms by surgical retrieval methods in a ICSI cycle

    Male partner with serious genetic abnormality and want to avoid transmission to their child

    Repeated IVF failures attributed to sperm problems

    At BirthRight, donor semen samples are obtained from certified Semen Bank to ensure strict anonymity. Donors undergo a strict screening process and the following criteria are met:

    Aged between 19- 35yrs

    Healthy men with no history of mental and genetic or inherited disorders

    Complete general physical examination and general health tests

    Screened for infectious disease – HIV, Hepatitis B, C , CMV, Chlamydia

    Screened for Thalassemias and Karyotyping

  • Donor sperm is frozen for at least 6months and then the donor is tested again for infectious diseases during the quarantine period and only then the donor sperm sample is used.Donor sperm can be matched closely to the physical characteristics (skin colour, eye colour, height) and blood group of the male partner of the recipient couple.