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Health Tips for Pregnant Women, Stay Safe during Covid-19 – Rosewalk

Pregnancy has long been celebrated as a phase reserved for repose and relaxation, indulgence and celebration. After all, it’s a landmark event poised to change life as you know it. And yet, 2020 has presented a harsh, decidedly contrarian reality to those in the family way, thanks to the sudden, unanticipated upsurge of COVID-19. With fears reigning high, stress, anxiety and uncertainty have eclipsed the euphoria for many expectant mothers.

Pregnancy health tips during COVID-19 If you’re newly pregnant, or well into the course of your pregnancy, know that the pandemic doesn’t have to rob you of this special phase. Here are some tips to protect your health and make the most of this time.

Remain calm and have a positive attitude Meditate, listen to soft classical or devotional music, and focus on the positives. Count your blessings and embrace the glass-half-full approach. In a world where good health is a coveted luxury, consider your immunity, your blossoming belly and the food on the table amongst your biggest blessings.

Take due precautions Wash and sanitise your hands regularly. Stay at home and revel in this phase of reflection and hibernation.

Eat healthy, home-cooked food Not only is ghar ka khana more hygienic than ordered-in alternatives, it automatically alleviates the problems associated with processed and junk food. Eat small, frequent meals and focus on enriching your diet with protein, vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C, especially, is important for immunity.

Adopt healthy practices Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to break up with exercise. Practise yoga, take a walk, do a light aerobics routine (if your doctor is on board).

Surrender the screen It is important to limit screen time during this period. Also, remember that it is easy to get carried away with the barrage of new coronavirus statistics being reported every day. While it’s a good idea to be updated, don’t let it rule your life.

Consult your obstetrician regularly To minimise contact, your obstetrician might recommend video consultations as and when required. Trust your specialist and your hospital and cooperate with them to minimise your risk of exposure. However counterintuitive they might seem, have faith that your hospital’s COVID-19 minimum-contact measures are in your best interest.

Be vigilant about signs and symptoms If you notice any signs or symptoms, such as a fever, a dry cough or fatigue, be sure to discuss them with your doctor. Early intervention can go a long way in securing your and your baby’s health.

Navigating pregnancy scans during COVID-19 Because pregnancy is an immunosuppressed state, pregnant patients, no doubt, run a higher risk of developing diseases than the general population. This is why unnecessary visits to the hospital ought to be avoided. Instead, it is a good idea, during this time, to be in regular touch with your obstetrician/gynaecologist via video consultation. This way, your doctor can provide continual guidance and call you in for check-ups only when absolutely necessary, such as for ultrasounds.Here’s a look at the four main ones.

Dating scan After your pregnancy is confirmed, a dating scan—usually around 1.5–2 months in—can help establish the health of the foetus and your estimated due date. A general check-up and blood test might also be done on the same day.

Nuchal translucency scan Around 11–13 weeks into your pregnancy, a nuchal translucency scan, coupled with a double marker test, should be scheduled, to shed light on potential anomalies.

Anatomy scan The third physical visit should be around 18–20 weeks. In this scan, you should be able to see your baby in considerable detail, from his precious little face to his tiny hands and feet.

Growth scan Between 28–30 weeks, a growth scan should spotlight your baby’s growth and development before the final leg up to your delivery. Do remember that third trimester check-ups are highly individualised, and tailored to each woman’s progress and condition. Remember to follow your doctor’s advice and guidance. As Healthcare workers, we take all the precautions to create minimum-contact, safe and sanitised wards, operation theatres and luxury birthing suites to ensure safety of our patients. With your support, we look forward to bridging the gap between hospital and home and preparing to welcome your baby into a healthier, safer world.

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