Welcome to this World, Little Treasure

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Delivery Day Preparations - BirthRight By Rainbow Hospitals

Welcome to this World, Little Treasure

The Delivery | D-Day

Nine months of pregnancy and countless hours of labor later pops out the bundle of cry that you've been waiting forever. In a wail of cries, the baby brings with itself a lifetime full of joy and togetherness.

For the Mother

"For all the hardships of pregnancy and waiting over labor, delivery is still the hardest part of being pregnant. There can be any last minute emergency or an unforeseen contingency. It's both physically strenuous and emotionally exhausting but one of the most rewarding experiences of motherhood - bringing out a new life into this world."

In most cases, at Rainbow Hospitals, we encourage natural birthing methods. However, depending on the severity of certain cases and the risks involved - we provide epidural as well as C-Section deliveries.

For the Baby

"From being asleep in the comfort of your mother's womb, you're now out in the new world that seems so new and different. Your parents have been waiting for you, and they are elated to hear your wailing cry. Although unclear at the moments, in the years to come you will learn of the great joy that this moment brought your parents and their loved ones."

Services Available at Birthright for Delivery

  • State-of-the-art birthing suites
  • Epidural delivery
  • C-Section