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Frequently asked question’s

You can consult a heart specialist if your primary doctor refers you to one for symptoms such as shortness of breath, breathlessness, chest pain, etc.

You can see the cardiologist directly if you have a genetic risk of developing a cardiac condition. The heart specialist can evaluate your medical condition and assess your risks, helping you to manage your health accordingly.

During your first visit, the heart specialist will evaluate your medical history and risk factors for developing cardiac conditions. You may undergo a cardiovascular examination. Your heart rate, blood pressure, and electrocardiogram may be obtained.

Cardiologists are specialized and trained to provide care for patients across age groups and varying heart conditions. Some of them are: a pediatric cardiologist manages cardiac conditions in children below the age of 18, a cardiac surgeon performs major heart surgeries, and interventional (non-invasive) cardiologist deals with cardiology tasks that do not require surgery.

No, the heart specialist does not perform heart surgery. The cardiac surgeon may get further specialized to perform cardiovascular surgery and cardiothoracic surgery involving the heart, blood vessels, veins, and arteries performs the procedure.

Blocked arteries can be found through tests such as cholesterol screening, angiogram, echocardiogram, ultrasound, etc.