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Care for your new-born

Care for your new-born

A new-born is like a beginning of all things – wonder, hope and a dream of possibilities.

The Department of Neonatology provides comprehensive and specialized care for all new-borns. We have on board a team of experienced and dedicated consultants who will perform all the needed screening tests and help your baby stay in good health.

About Service
  • Our experts will do a complete physical examination, and refer your baby to our in house specialists, if any extra care is needed. We strive to provide you with the right information so that you would be a well-informed new parent.

    Our department will also coordinate with you to work on your baby’s ongoing healthcare once your baby is discharged from the hospital. We help you create a proper nutrition plan both for the baby and mother and also design a vaccination schedule for your new-born. We list out all the required and elective vaccinations, and help you create a schedule so that you can get your baby to the hospital.

  • In addition, our neonatologists provide evaluation and treatment for babies with simple and complex prematurity, congenital deformities and genetic abnormalities, neonatal infections, as well as neurological and metabolic disorders. We have anon-site Level III NICU, which is one of the best equipped and staffed units in Hyderabad and is manned by an expert team of doctors, specialists, technicians and nursing staff.