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Obesity in pregnancy: Simple tips

Obesity in pregnancy: Simple tips

It is important to have controlled weight gain during pregnancy through regular physical activity and healthy eating. Healthy weight is important for your well-being as well as that of your baby during pregnancy and delivery and even after birth. If you stay healthy during pregnancy, it will benefit your child’s health later in life as well. It reduces the risk of your child developing obesity, heart disease, and diabetes during childhood and adulthood as well. You should seek online gynecologist consultation in Hyderabad to know what’s best for your health during pregnancy.

Obesity and trying to get pregnant:

If you have a healthy weight, it improves your chances of achieving pregnancy. Before you start trying to conceive, it would be a great idea to lose some weight. If you are overweight, it might be difficult for you to reach the recommended weight range. However, even a small loss of weight can be helpful. Try to lose 5-10% of your current body weight. Doing so reduces the risk of developing health issues and complications when you get pregnant. For instance, your blood pressure will be lower, which reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia. You should talk with your doctor regarding healthy weight for you and ask about what weight management options you have.

Obesity during pregnancy:

If you get pregnant and are overweight, you need to pay attention to the amount of weight you gain, how much you eat, and how active you are during pregnancy. Obese women can gain less weight safely during pregnancy to help their baby stay healthier. Look for online gynecologist consultation in India with a midwife or doctor regarding weight gaining while pregnant. To know more about it, you can contact the best gynecologists in city at BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals.

Simple tips to have a healthy pregnancy:

Prefer the right food: Your focus should be on healthy and important foods rather than thinking about what you shouldn’t be eating. If you fill up on the right foods, you would be less hungry, which makes it less likely for you to choose unhealthy foods.

You should be eating: Sufficient vegetables, fruits, cereals, and wholegrain bread to fulfill your requirement for fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Low-fat dairy food for protein, iodine, and calcium. The alternatives could be rice, soy, or oat milk products. Lean red meat for protein and iron, and oily fish such as sardines for protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Consume smaller meals frequently: This tip is not only helpful for healthy weight gain but also for pregnancy troubles like heartburn and morning sickness. Regular eating helps in boosting your metabolism, steadying the blood sugar levels, and prevents you from overeating because of excessive hunger. Skipping meals will not help you if you are looking to healthily control your weight.

Drink enough water: The best drink for your health is water. You should try to drink around 6-8 glasses per day. It is helpful to always keep a glass or bottle handy. Since soft drinks, juices, and flavored meals have high sugar content, they can result in gaining weight.

Control your cravings: It is easy to give in to your pregnancy cravings and start eating plenty of chips, chocolates, ice-creams, flavored milk, cakes, or biscuits. Make sure you keep these foods away from your kitchen. It will benefit you as well as your family and develop healthy habits in children.

Stay organized: You should plan and prepare snacks and meals in advances to help you in making healthier food choices. Plan for your meal menu for a week as it makes it easier to shop and cook. Try stocking your fridge and cupboard with fruit, grainy crackers, salad ingredients, and wholegrain bread. That way, you will always have a healthy meal or snack handy.

Stay active: During pregnancy, it is recommended that you should perform at least two-and-a-half hours of moderate exercising every week unless you are advised otherwise by your midwife or doctor. To reach your weekly goals, you should try to work out for at least half-an-hour 5 times a week. It is alright even if you were not exercising before you got pregnant. It is not too late to start when you get pregnant. You can begin with light exercising and then move on to moderate exercises.

Dr. Pranathi Reddy

Clinical Director – Obstetrics & Gynecology

Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills