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Women Care

Passionate about women’s healthcare & momhood

Birthright by Rainbow group of hospital is a unique initiative, offering highly specialized maternity and perinatal care with the aim of achieving safe delivery of healthy babies. We have experienced medical professionals dedicated 24 x 7 to the hospital, who monitor the various stages of pregnancy through constant observation. We provide care and counselling for expectant as well as new mothers. We offer immediate medical assistance in case of complicated or high-risk childbirths. Rainbow Hospital for women and children has a decade of excellence in childcare, women care and fertility.

Besides our natural inclination for normal deliveries, we are equally known for our expertise in handling 'high-risk cases', where the mother or/and child may have certain issues during pregnancy or after delivery. We provide 'timely' help to make sure that mother and baby get optimum support that's the need of the hour.

We ensure that the women are provided with the highest standards of care at different stages of their lives based on their clinical needs. We offer the following comprehensive medical care services as a part of our, out-patient and in-patient departments: