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We ensure that the women are provided with the highest standards of care at different stages of their lives based on their clinical needs. We offer the following comprehensive medical care services as a part of our, out-patient and in-patient departments:

  • Hysteroscopy This includes examination of the cavity of uterus (womb) with a tiny telescope connected to a camera. There are a wide range of conditions where this procedure is employed, with the common ones being infertility and abnormal bleeding during or between the periods. Our team employs this techniques to help women with fibroids, uterine septa, heavy bleeding etc. We also offer opening of blocked tubes via this approach for women with infertility issues.

  • Laparoscopy This procedure helps secure vital information for the diagnosis of a wide range of disorders including infertility, painful periods and others. The services on offer at the Department of Gynaecology include advanced procedures such as Total Laparoscopic hysterectomy (removal of womb), Laparoscopic myomectomy (removal of fibroids), Laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy (removal of cysts in ovary) amongst others. There are several other conditions which can be treated using this approach.

  • Infertility Treatment The Department of Gynaecology offers a wide range of advanced assisted reproductive techniques with a high success rates in achieving pregnancy.

  • Urogynaecology and pelvic floor procedures High-quality care is provided to investigate and treat women suffering from problems related to involuntary leakage of urine, increased frequency and urgency and those who suffer from recurrent urinary tract infection. Women who have prolapse of uterus are also offered suitable treatment options.

  • Menopause Clinic Several women suffer from a variety of symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, inadequate sleep, anxiety etc., as they approach menopause (cessation of periods). Most of these women unfortunately choose to live with those unpleasant symptoms. Our menopause clinic provides adequate support to women in this phase of life, and helps them ‘age graciously’ by offering them various treatment options.

  • Emergency Gynaecology The Department of Gynaecology provides 24-hour emergency cover for women with complications arising in early pregnancy. Problems such as bleeding and / or abdominal pain in early pregnancy can lead to a great deal of anxiety amongst the couples. We provide 24/7 expert cover to ensure efficient clinical management and when necessary, adequate counselling.

  • Cancer Screening and Vaccination against Cervical Cancer. Cancer of cervix is the biggest killer in women in India. We provide effective screening in the form of Pap smear for detecting precancerous changes in the cervix such that the disease can be prevented even before it develops into a cancer. We also provide vaccination against cervical cancer. Tumour marker testing as well as ultrasound scanning is available at the facility to identify any cysts / tumours in the ovaries. This allows for timely intervention includes identifying any precancerous changes in the uterus to identify precancerous changes, especially in menopausal women.