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Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

Providing excellence in surgical care

The Department of Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Minimal Invasive Surgery at Rainbow Hospitals is highly committed to providing and promoting excellence in surgical care.

About Service
  • Ever since its inception, the hospital has always strived to deliver the very best and is always abreast with the most recent surgical advances in child care. 

    Our surgeons and nurses are specially trained to treat fetal patients, neonates, infants, toddlers, children and young adults.

  • Perform a broad range of general and highly specialized surgical procedures to ensure that your child has the best possible chance of recovery – with the minimal incisions and trauma. The types of surgeries available are pediatric plastic surgery, pediatric beurosurgery, pediatric minimal invasive surgery (MIS), pediatric orthopedics surgery, pediatric dental surgery and pediatric ENT Surgery (including Cochlear Implant).

    *certain procedures are available only in select centres.