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About Service
What to expect when your child is admitted in our PICU?

Even though children admitted in the PICU are generally sicker than those managed in a ward or a room, it may not be the case all the time. Your child could be in the PICU for some extra care or monitoring of vital bodily functions. Please stay in touch with your child's treating consultant to know exact status of your child's medical condition. Our PICU Coordinator or Infection Control nurse will explain to you about hand washing and other aspects of infection control, please comply with those instructions.

How do I get update of my child's health condition?

The treating consultant will discuss the details of your child's medical condition at least once daily at a fixed time, which will be informed to you by our PICU Coordinator. It is highly desirable to have at least one of the parents to attend the counseling session, and also to keep the same member attending the counseling session each day, to maintain continuity of information. Your child's treating consultant or one of the senior doctors will be approachable to you all the time. If you need to get in touch with your doctor, contact the PICU Coordinator who will arrange the meeting accordingly.

Taking Care of Yourself

With your child inside the PICU, it can be really stressful for you. Try to relax and take time out to take care of yourself. Please make sure you get at least five to six hours of sound sleep every day. If you do not have your own house or a relative in the city, you can discuss with our PICU Coordinator about your accommodation. He/she will guide you about getting a suitable accommodation near the hospital.

Billing and Financial Issues

If you have any insurance cover, please inform our PICU Coordinator about it as soon as possible, so that they can make the necessary arrangements to keep things smooth for you.Please cooperate with the executives dealing with the billing and payments. In case of any query or help regarding billing and payments please contact our billing manager or PICU Coordinator.

About Your Contact Details

Please keep at least two of your most reliable contact numbers with the PICU nurse as well as at the main inpatient reception so that it will be easy for us to get in touch with you when needed. Please do not panic if you receive a call from our hospital. A call from us does not necessarily mean that your child is in danger, the call may be just to gather some information or update.