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About Service
  • The child’s brain is one of the most powerful organs in nature. Babies are born with all the brain cells (neurons) they will ever have for life. All these brain cells connect with each other making “neural connections” called as synapses. Added to this is a concept called as “neuroplasticity” which means that by changing stimulus presented to the child’s brain, we can enhance its development, particularly after an injury to the brain. Although this function of making the brain more efficient, in other words “remapping the cortex” as it is called, is present throughout life to some extent, it is best achieved in the developing brain of a child during the first years of life. This can be made possible by providing an enriched environment and through specific tasks and exercises that are tailor made for each child after that child is assessed for strengths and weaknesses. The end result is a child with a vastly improved potential future. One who would be a happier, productive and well-integrated member of society.