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Children Safety Program at Rainbow Hospitals

Children Safety Program at Rainbow Hospitals

Keeping the child from harm’s way is close to every parent’s heart.

As parents, we try our best to avoid mishap but occasionally the children do manage to slip the safety cordon and find themselves hurt. Rainbow Hospitals understands this emotion of every parent and have a consultation program that helps Parents understand how to prevent accidents at their homes.

  1. During these consultation programs, we teach parents how to prevent common accidents encountered
    at home such as choking, burns, bleeding, bumps, falls, poisoning, and others.
    Our aim is to help the parents identify and reduce the risks of accidents inside and outside their homes.

  2. We also teach how to administer the correct first-aid measures in case an accident does occur. Doctors from
    Rainbow Hospitals will also demonstrate and teach parents on how to administer CPR during an emergency.
    This program is best suited for parents of below 5-year- old, although expectant parents can also consult with us.

  3. The consultation program will be conducted by Doctors from Rainbow Hospitals in association with
    Safe Baby. Safe Baby is India’s first business focused on child safety that was started in 2011. It conducts
    workshops on preventing accidents among children and also teaches parents first-aid measures during an
    emergency. Safe Baby has worked with some of India's leading playschools, day-cares, toy stores and hotel