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Recurrent Wheezing in Children

Recurrent Wheezing in Children

Wheezing is a sort of whistling sound that comes out when you breathe. It occurs when airways become narrow due to Inflammation or mucous in lung tubes.

What are the causes of Wheezing?

Viral: Viral Infections can cause airways to swell and wheeze.

Croup: This is another cause for horse cough.

Allergy or illness: Respiratory tract infection, asthma, bronchiolitis, reaction to smoke dust, pollen, environmental and food allergy.

Foreign Body: In case Little one chokes while feeding or inhales a small particle.

Defects in immunity: like cystic fibrosis, primary ciliary dyskinesia which can cause wheezing.

Neurological disorders: Neuro-muscular disease or disorders can cause difficulty in feeding and swallowing.

Cardiac disorders: Cardiac sometimes wheezing occur in children with cardiac issues like ASD, VSD, PDA.

Gastroesophageal Reflux: Which can cause wheezing associated with vomiting or poor weight gain.

What are the symptoms of wheezing?

Heavy Breathing
Shortness of Breath
Whistling Sound
Coughing followed by Vomiting

What is the treatment for wheezing?

The treatment includes

Anti-Inflammatory Medicines: The anti-inflammatory medication will help in decreasing inflammation and open the lung tubes.
Inhalers: The doctor may recommend inhalers to open lung tubes and decrease mucous in some children. These include bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory medicine.
Nebulization: This may be recommended during acute phase of wheezing. The long-term treatment depends on cause of wheezing.

Is there any prevention?

Prevention depends on the cause of wheezing. Once the cause is identified treatment will become specific. Mostly wheezing is due to change in season and allergy. If child has recurrent wheeze then proper evaluation is important. Well controlled wheeze will help to outgrow the problem. Thus it is important to evaluate and treat so that baby enjoys his/her childhood.

Dr. Aparna


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