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Ways parents can help kids improve their memory

Watching your child grow is fun. From when they speak their first words to when they go out to play with other kids, you will remember these moments all your life. But, as your kid experiences these new activities, you might notice that they forget things they just learned and are not able to remember things well. As a parent, it is your responsibility to improve their memory from an early age so that it can benefit him/her later in life. In this article, we will provide some tips to help you improve your kid’s memory. If these techniques don’t work and your child continues to have memory problems, you have to contact a pediatric neurologist near you: 1.Start small Sometimes, when your child is trying to learn and understand something, it can get overwhelming. In such cases, they won’t make any effort to understand it as it is too difficult. What you can do is break down that information into several smaller pieces so that they can focus on one principle at a time. This way, the information will be organized in the right structure inside the brain. 2.Indulge their senses Your child might not be able to remember the exact things, but he/she will easily recall some other aspects like what they saw or heard. You must have an understanding of how your kid remembers or learns things. Making them use their senses will help them associate that perception with what must be remembered. This will engage your child to a deeper level and strengthen their memory. 3.Make them the teacher If you have an in-depth understanding of something, you can teach it to someone. So, after you have taught something to your child or after they have learned something on their own, tell them to teach it to their friend or sibling. Note when they have to refer to the material and work on that. 4.Create mind maps Mind maps is a proven technique used by several people for sketching out their ideas and remembering existing ones. This method works on the concept of logical connections and association. You can use this technique to help your child in visualizing the concept in a network where one concept is connected to another via a path. This creates a lucid thought process that your child can invoke when they need to recall the concept or material. 5.Create your own examples Most textbooks include examples to help the kids understand the application of concepts in real life. Once your kid has understood these concepts, ask them to make their own examples. Tell them that if they can’t explain the concept, they can use examples for teaching it. 6.Use visuals When you combine the important headings and right keywords for your child’s flashcards, they will be able to recall information quickly. 7.Learn actively Memorizing and learning shouldn’t be restricted to a specific time. You should engage your child in discussion at different hours such as in the evenings or whenever they see something interesting. When they connect disparate concepts together, it allows them to use critical thinking and see the larger picture. 8.Go to different environments You don’t have to stick to the usual learning elements and study material to teach your child. Let them interact with different world aspects and have hands-on experience. For example, if you want to learn about plants, let them explore a garden. 9.Make it musical There are certain aspects of studying that require verbatim recall and memorization. You can make it easier by combining them with a rhyming song or a tune. This way, both halves of the brain will work together to remember a concept leading to the creation of long-lasting and stronger neural connections. 10.Let them be inquisitive If your child is asking too many questions, don’t scold them. A child’s inquisitive nature is important for his/her development and growth and instills an ability to find new concepts to learn and memorize. With the above-mentioned tips, you can improve the memory power in your child and help them learn at school and home. You have to give some time to your child to improve their memory at their own pace. Don’t compare them to their friends or siblings. You can talk to the best pediatric neurologist in hyderabad at the Rainbow Children’s Hospital to ensure that your child gets all the boost they need for their overall development. Remember that every child is smart and all they need is the right stimulus and environment for honing their natural talent.



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