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Neurorehabilitation Program

The Rainbow Children’s Hospital has a neurorehabilitation program for children that supports the recovery. It also helps the child adapt to the changes after treating an injury or a disease that affected their spinal cord or brain. We design a personalized treatment plan using a multidisciplinary approach. The aim of this child care program is to help the children and their families get the highest level of recovery in a creative, family-centered, and compassionate environment. We have children’s specialist that will be working with your child’s care team to coordinate their treatment. This includes hospital physicians, primary care providers, and other specialists. There will be a therapy program for your child in which we will communicate with the physicians and identify any special equipment needed for the neurorehabilitation program. We will be assisting you and your child while making the transition to the outpatient therapy program. At the Rainbow Children’s Hospital, we combine our expertise in neurorehabilitation and the family’s knowledge for supporting your child at home, school and in other community-based activities. The services offered at the Rainbow Children’s Hospital for pediatric neurology and neurorehabilitation are: The comprehensive assessment followed by the treatment of the children with neurorehabilitation needs including OT, PT, SLP, learning, psychology, art

therapy, and recreational therapy. Age-appropriate home activities for promoting recovery and return to the normal routine. Making therapeutic trips to motivating environments like playgrounds, museums, shopping malls, and parks. Here, children can practice communication,

walking, etc. Also, they get an opportunity of using their cognitive skills and high-level memory in a real-world environment. Getting an education specialist for assisting your child with the return-to-school process. The specialist will work with the children, their school system, and

their families. Assessing and treating emotional, behavioral, and cognitive concerns regarding neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology.

One of the main purposes of a neurorehabilitation program is to help your child use their newly-learned skill in a real-world environment. You will have to bring in your kid regularly so that we can review their therapy plan and make sure that the child is making progress in their life including at school, home and social and community activities. Apart from the individual therapies, we also offer group therapies for addressing individual rehabilitation goals. This is done through a series of community activities that are fun as well as functional. The type of group therapy will depend on the needs of your child and may include: Adapted aquatics Creating coping Horseback riding Therapeutic yoga Video-journaling FAQs 1. Who can benefit from a neurorehabilitation program? Children who have suffered through a complex neurological disorder or an injury affecting their nervous system can get benefits from a neurorehabilitation program. The program is used for maximizing your child’s long-term potential. The neurorehabilitation program can benefit all children with the following conditions:

Acquired and traumatic brain injury Infections of the brain like encephalitis Seizure disorder Spinal cord injury Stroke Pediatric cancer Other problems affecting the brain and the central motor system 2. What is included in the neurorehabilitation program? Children who are in need of neurorehabilitation can benefit from a comprehensive approach provided by the best pediatric neurologist from different rehabilitative disciplines. At the Rainbow Children’s Hospital, the neurorehabilitation program includes the following:

Art therapy Case management Education Occupational therapy (OT) Speech-language pathology (SLP) Physical therapy (PT) Therapeutic reaction Rehabilitation psychology and neuropsychology (RPN) Consultation with dieticians, rehabilitation engineers, etc. 3. How is a neurorehabilitation program different from pediatric long term care? The pediatric neurology long term care includes providing care to children with long-term medical needs. Apart from the therapeutic treatment, the children need specialized nursing and medical care. The hospital will design a series of activities for maintaining the abilities of each child and maximizing their potential. Rehabilitation, on the other hand, is focused on facilitating the recovery process from a disease, illness or injury. It is responsible for restoring the physical, mental, and sensory capabilities of the child. The program also assists children to help them compensate for the deficits that can’t be medically reversed.

Dr. Prasanthi Aripirala

Consultant Pediatric Neurologist & Epileptologist

Rainbow Children's Hospital, Hydernagar