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World Father’s Day: Dear Dad, A Poem to Say Thank You

Whether you’re a father by biology or by blessing, by love or by loss; whether you’ve lost a father or are aching to become one, at BirthRight by Rainbow, we tip our hat to you.

To the Dad who plays equal parent and holds down the fort, Whose imaginative bedtime stories seldom do fall short, To the Dad who plays defender and protector, referee and boo-boo healer, Milk bottle fetcher, monster-buster and faithful nightmare dealer To the Granddad whose gentle hands magic scars away, Whose love is just enough to brighten any gloomy day, Whose heart does herald laughter and lips do tell wise tales, Whose arms do pick you right back up when everything else fails To the Stepdad who does strive so hard to support, enrich and encourage, Who straddles friendship and fatherhood with a great deal of courage, Who wonderfully mirrors his partner and honours her present and past, Always putting his family first and his own interests last To the Father-in-law who eschews the ‘in-law’ tag right from the very start, Who is a loving father in spirit, and a loyal friend at heart, Who does go out of his way to welcome a daughter or son, With an air so warm and welcoming that it rivals the morning sun To the Mum who doubles so beautifully as her children’s Dad, Twice the care and comfort she ensures her children have had, Two roles she plays to perfection, like two halves of a whole, Twice the love and pride are proudly emblazoned in her soul To the young man yearning to be a Dad, praying for a child to raise; To teach how to ride a bicycle, to have a little soul to chase, Who bolsters up his partner while his own heart heaves with pain, Who still is optimistic in the midst of storm and rain To the father who once lost a child who now lives amongst the stars, Shining down upon us in our bleakest hours, They say the smallest souls sparkle brightest in the sky, Look out for your angel next time you look up high To the one who has lost a Dad whose imprints still abound, In the scent of a certain aftershave, in the memory of a sound, In the fuzz of an old T-shirt, in the archives of your phone, In your deepest thoughts when you’re all alone To the companies who give Dads and Mums equal pride of place, Who support paid paternity leave, for families they make a case, Who recognise that for progress, equal parenting is the key, To help pave the way to a more balanced society To each of you, thank you, for being the forces you are, Without your support, we surely couldn’t have made it this far, We are grateful, joyful and thankful today and everyday, At BirthRight by Rainbow, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day!  

This Father’s Day, we invite you to complete the road to fatherhood with us. With an equal approach to male and female infertility, our infertility treatment plans are noted for being safe, comprehensive and result-oriented, ensuring that you achieve an outcome within a minimum lead time.



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