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Why You Should Choose a Luxury Maternity Hospital for Your Delivery

Boutique birthing experiences are being coveted by more and more expectant mothers. Here’s why Welcoming your child into the world is an experience that rivals few others, and one that will likely stay emblazoned in your mind for the rest of your life. It is this deep-seated sentiment, of immortalizing this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, that has kindled a gentle revolution of world-class maternity programs and boutique birthing in India. If you’ve been teetering on whether to opt for a luxury maternity hospital, here is why you should, and how it could be the best decision of your life.

1. Once in a lifetime Having a baby isn’t an everyday affair. It’s a momentous occasion that ought to be celebrated and remembered. The environment and people that surround you during your pregnancy, labor and delivery hold the ability to define your experience. And by opting for a boutique birthing experience, you can be sure that you and your baby will be well looked after.

2. Comfort As your body prepares to perform its most arduous task yet, it’s only fair to give in to a little indulgence. A sumptuous bed, plush linen, concierge services and customized meals can make for a luxurious cocoon, and offer you comfort through labor and beyond. An uplifting environment can work magic in allowing your body to heal.

3. Hygiene In a pandemic, where hygiene is of the essence, regular sanitization is the need of the hour. Not all hospitals have the wherewithal to execute rigorous sanitization, so it’s worth your while to opt for a premium facility that places emphasis on hygiene.

4. Neonatal intensive care With a luxury hospital, you’re assured of a world-class neonatal intensive care facility that can support your baby should the need arise. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, babies need extra assistance in their early days, and a neonatal intensive care unit plays an important role in helping them thrive.

5. Emergency care With a luxury maternity hospital, you can expect 24×7 clinical assistance in the way of an emergency care team. So, no matter the time, you’re assured of specialized intervention.

6. Family-friendly policies What better way to celebrate the arrival of your baby than with family and friends by your side? Luxury hospitals tend to have family-friendly visitor policies, allowing you to invite family and friends over to meet your new addition.

Belly to baby with Rosewalk Hospital If you’re looking for a luxury maternity hospital in Delhi, consider us. At Rosewalk Hospital, our boutique birthing practices, personalized service and gold-standard infrastructure are designed to elevate your pregnancy and delivery. Learn more about our services on our website, or schedule a consultation at our center. Looking to book a luxury maternity hospital in Delhi? Click here to book an appointment with a specialist at Rosewalk Hospital today. ROSEWALK TEAM

Dr. Amita Wadhwa

Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynecology

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