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Why Video Consultations Are Better Than In-Person Hospital Appointments

Wary of switching to video consultations for your doctor’s appointments? These points should tip you over the edge As offices move to Zoom, m-shopping becomes a mainstay and schools migrate to a pseudo online curriculum, it seems like the world is slowly sliding into a virtual machinery. With social distancing continuing to remain a priority during the pandemic, virtual communication has taken on a new sheen, including here at BirthRight by Rainbow. Our video consultation platform, Hello Doctor, has transformed the way women consult with specialists, and from the feedback we’ve gathered, we’ve recognized that video consultations are a boon that more women ought to experience. If you haven’t yet been witness to its benefits, here are some reasons why you should be. Book the best maternity hospital in Chennai here Saves time and energy Getting yourself dressed, walking to your car, driving to the hospital, paying at the reception, queuing in the waiting room—all activities tallying a grand total of one hour, at the very minimum. And to think, the appointment itself lasts only about ten minutes. A video consultation saves you the hassle of readying yourself and traveling all the way to the clinic or hospital. You can simply log into the consultation from your phone at the designated time and be done in minutes. So much time, energy and patience saved! Ensures zero exposure When you’re at the clinic or hospital, you’re exposed to contaminants and viruses carried by other patients. By staying at home, on the other hand, you can avoid the mandatory mask stress and focus all your attention on the consultation. Meet the best gynecologists in Chennai at BirthRight by Rainbow Provides a digital record With Hello Doctor, you can rest assured that all your records will be digitally updated each time you complete an appointment. And you can always go back to see your gynecologist’s notes and prescriptions. This way, you can also bid farewell to the clunky papers and files you are so used to hauling to the hospital. At BirthRight by Rainbow, it’s for good reason that we’ve been consistently ranked the best maternity hospital in Chennai. Our pandemic-ready protocols are pointed at safeguarding you and your family and bridging the gap between hospital and home. If you’re yet to try a video consultation, consider it the next time you book an appointment. Recognized as the best maternity hospital in Chennai, we leave no stone unturned in making your hospital experience a comfortable one. Book an appointment with the best gynecologist in Chennai on our video consultation platform, Hello Doctor, here.


Senior Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Laparoscopy Surgeon MBBS,DNB,MNAMS,MRCOG(UK) FICOG

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