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Why Should You Go For Video Consultation For Gynecological Problems?

Conventionally, interactions between doctors and their patients were always face-to-face. Depending on when the doctor is available, the patient is required to make an appointment to visit the doctor. So, the patient gets an appointment based on the doctor’s time convenience. In India, there is one doctor for every 1,457 people according to a survey done by the government. So, for the best doctors, patients usually have to wait in queues to visit the doctor. Some even travel long distances to visit a specialist. However, with online doctor video consultation, all this has changed significantly. Video consultation depends on a digital medium for enabling interaction between doctors and patients. With everyone having access to smartphones and high-speed internet these days, communication over video has become extremely convenient. So, today, it is completely possible for doctors to assess the condition of their patients over a video call. The patient gets the required medical attention fast. Video consultation makes things convenient for both the doctor and the patient. What would your first online gynecological consultation be like?

Your first consultation with a gynecologist will get you accustomed to getting medical attention over video calls. Not just that, the first consultation sets the tone for your follow-up appointments with the gynecologist. Your gynecologist will assess your condition and your specific gynecological problem. Issues like missing periods, UTI, period cramps, pregnancy-related issues, etc., have their specific treatment procedure depending on the extent of your condition. You will be under the care of a professional, who will make sure you get back your health in no time. You can opt for online gynecologist consultation for symptoms like missed or irregular periods, period cramps or painful periods, queries related to pregnancy, vaginal discharge, infertility issues, menopausal symptoms, PCOS, UTI, etc. Benefits of consulting gynecologist online

Video consulting is still a relevantly new idea in the healthcare sector and it hasn’t yet been completely implemented. However, it is a promising idea and it is likely to transform medical care in the future. Apart from the usual benefits of saving time and money, video consulting provides multiple benefits like: Less stress: In a country like India, getting the appointment of the best doctor can itself be quite stressful. It is hard to find time in the modern fast-paced lifestyle as it is. To accommodate the doctor’s routine and get an appointment, you will have to find the time and even take some time off from work to visit the doctor. Even on the day of your appointment, you will likely have to wait for hours in a queue before you get to see your gynecologist. On top of that, you already have some gynecological troubles that need to be taken care of. All this can be particularly stressful and stress can even aggravate your medical condition. With video consulting, you get access to the expertise of your favorite gynecologist from wherever you want. Online consultation makes getting medical care much more convenient and stress-free.

Saves time: Video consultation online only takes a fraction of the time that a typical physical visit to the doctor takes up. This is especially helpful for women who have a busy lifestyle with a hectic work schedule. You simply consult with the doctor over a video call and get the necessary gynecological advice you need.

Privacy: Gynecological problems are such medical conditions that most women feel uncomfortable talking about. People are particularly hesitant to talk about infertility issues. With video consultation, you get complete privacy. You can talk with your gynecologist about your condition and explain things to them without having to worry about anyone getting to know about it. Of course, when you are talking with your gynecologist, it is recommended to be open and describe your problems without any hesitation.

Cost-effective: Video consultation is also much more cost-effective as compared to a visit to the doctor’s office or hospital. A typical visit to the doctor involves more cost than just the doctor’s fees. Sometimes, you will have to visit a gynecologist who is not based in your locality. For that, there are travel and food expenses to be considered. On the other hand, with video consultation, you get medical attention from the comfort of your home without having to spend any extra penny. Experts at BirthRight by Rainbow will be able to help you get the necessary gynecological advice you need


Clinical Director – Obstetrics & Gynecology. MD, DGO, DNB, FRCOG (UK)

Rainbow Children’s Hospital & BirthRigh, Banjara Hills.