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What is the Difference Between an IUI and IVF?

Medical Science has come very far. Today, if the couples are unable to conceive, they have a wide range of options. However, it is not an easy decision to make. Not only are there is a multitude of options, which can be overwhelming, but also people are not educated about these fertility treatments. In this article, we will be discussing the differences between two of the most popular fertility treatments- IVF and IUI. The IUI Procedure Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment procedure in which the sperm cells are directly injected inside the uterus for increasing the odds of getting pregnant. Before the women can be administered with IUI, she has to take oral or injectable fertility medications for stimulating the ovaries and preparing them for conception. Couples usually go for this procedure when the male partner has been experiencing reproductive issues or the cause of the infertility is unknown. For example, in the case of poor sperm health or low sperm count, an IUI treatment is needed for bypassing sexual intercourse. The female partner is inseminated with the sperm sample that increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. Women who are between the range of 20 to 30 years old have about a 20% success rate of becoming pregnant through a combination of IUI treatment and fertility medications. However, if you are not in the age range, the chances of getting pregnant are significantly dropped. Research has shown that to get the best success rate, the IUI cycles must be attempted at least 3 times, especially if you are undergoing the treatment for infertility for the first time. However, if after each round, there is no solution, you must think about getting the IVF procedure. The IVF procedure In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an advanced fertility treatment in which the doctor extracts multiple female eggs from the ovaries and fertilizes them using a sperm sample. This fertilization is carried out inside a controlled environment where a healthy embryo can be developed. After the embryos are ready, the doctor will transfer them back into the uterus where they will be planted. During the IVF process, the female partner has to take different hormone medications for stimulating the release of multiple eggs. These medications also lead to follicle enhancement that leads to increased odds of impregnation after the embryos have been inserted. The IVF procedure is carried out at a fertility clinic and performed by a fertility specialist. You can choose to freeze the remaining embryos in case the procedure is unsuccessful. IVF procedures are considered to be a highly effective treatment option for couples with infertility. Women below the age of 35 years have more than 40% chances of getting pregnant successfully. In fact, women in their early 40s also have a substantial success rate of just below 20%. However, when you are calculating the odds of successful IVF treatment, age is one of the many parameters that must be used. There are several health concerns or reproductive issues such as ovarian dysfunction, uterine fibroids, or a history of infertility that might prevent the IVF procedure from being successful. However, it is the best option that couples with fertility issues have. Similarity between IUI and IVF There are a few common factors between IUI and IVF that mostly involve preparing the basic treatment and human conception process. During insemination and fertilization, a complete range of fertility drugs are used in both the procedures for increasing the success rate of the procedure. In the case of IVF procedure, it assists in ovulation and helps in egg retrieval. Also, in both the procedures, there are processes involved in isolating the best sperm from the sample. If you compare the cost of IUI and IVF procedure for individual cycles, the cost of IVF will surpass the cost of IUI significantly. This is because the IUI procedure is less invasive. The sperm sample is injected into the uterus. There are no incisions involved. If you have to go through multiple IUI cycles, it might get a little expensive. However, it will still cost you less than an IVF treatment. The reason for the high cost is that IVF requires advanced equipment and techniques. If you don’t know anything about fertility treatments, the whole procedure can get overwhelming. But, at the Rainbow Hospital, we will be answering all the questions about the procedure and how they are different from each other. Whether you have questions regarding the procedures, the different medications you will be taking, the involved risk factors, and the price for each cycle, our team of doctors and medical professionals will walk you through every stage. We are the best IVF centre in India that can help make the whole process seamless. The goal of Rainbow Hospital is to help you get a successful pregnancy as easily as possible. So, reach out to us and book a consultation with our fertility specialist.



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