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Ways to Have an Easy Labour

Childbirth is one of the important milestones in the life of a mother. In order to have effortless labour and normal delivery, the mother needs to stay calm and stress-free. Combining that with the right hospital will lead to effortless labour and safe delivery. BirthRight by Rainbow is the safest place to deliver baby in Hyderabad. They have the best gynecologist in Hyderabad who can ensure the safety and comfort of the mother and the baby.
In this article, we will be discussing a few tips that can help you have easy labour: 1. Eat Dates There have been numerous studies showing that eating dates can help a woman have a faster and easier labor experience. If a pregnant woman eats 60 to 80 g of dates daily for a month before her due date, it will benefit her a lot during labor. The reason behind this is that dates have a chemical compound like oxytocin (the hormone responsible for contractions). So, dates can dilate the cervix allowing for a quick and effortless childbirth process. 2. Do squats One of the most beneficial exercises that a woman can do to prepare herself for her vaginal delivery is squats. A medicine ball should be used for performing this exercise. Keep it between the wall and the lower back and rotate the knees and toes wide apart. It is recommended that a soon-to-be mother do 15 squats every day to have a better delivery experience. 3. Sleep adequately The easiest and effective way of making labour faster and easier. Labour is an important and stressful event. Mothers have to stay calm during it to have an easy labour experience. However, in order to do so and adapt to the scenario seamlessly, she should be adequately rested. An expecting mother needs at least 7 hours of sleep daily to have a smoother and faster labour experience. Recliner beds and soft and skin-friendly pillows can be used for enhancing the sleep experience of the mother. 4. Waterbirth Waterbirth is an effective birthing technique as the water soothes the mother down during the labour. Also, it calms the tense muscles and helps in dilating the cervix. This is why many hospitals have birthing tubs and pools for water births. It is also a good way to help the newborn transition to the world. 5. Stay upright during labour Instead of lying down and pushing during labour, the mother must be in the upright position on the bed and push. Gravity can be advantageous in such situations as it can get the baby in the right position. There are some other positions as well that can help in easy labour such as squatting, kneeling, or standing. By moving the body, the mother will be widening her pelvis giving the baby space to pass through easily. 6. Eat healthy snacks During the early stages of labour, the mother might feel hungry. She can eat light snacks for curbing her hunger pangs. However, fatty or oily foods should be avoided as they can give the mother heartburn and affect the childbirth process. Fruits like apples or bananas are best in this case. Snacks like smoothies and yogurt can also boost the mother’s energy during labour. 7. Learn about childbirth Pregnancy is a physically and mentally taxing period. Expecting parents have to learn a lot and understand their responsibilities. By taking a childbirth class, mothers will be well prepared for childbirth. Also, it will help in relieving the pressure faced by expecting mothers. The instructor at the class will teach everything there is to know about childbirth including water breaking and cutting the umbilical cord. Expecting mothers can also learn easy labour tips that will make the process faster and simpler. 8. Practice breathing techniques Childbirth can be a painful experience. By breathing, a woman can feel relaxed and tolerate the pain. It helps in setting rhythmic contractions so that the woman can push efficiently and better. Also, breathing ensures that there is enough oxygen in the body so that the mother does not faint because of the tremendous cramps and labour pain she is experiencing. 9. Have a support team Labour is a stressful situation and every mother needs someone who can provide her with positive reaffirmations and support. Women who have a doula during childbirth are less likely to need a c-section or epidural and have a smooth and seamless delivery experience. Before selecting a doula, the mother should interview her to ensure that she is comfortable to be with her during an intense yet beautiful moment. 10. Stay fit In order to have a smooth and easy delivery, the mother needs to stay fit during the experience. Expecting mothers need to take note of the food they are eating and exercise regularly to improve their childbirth experience. The most common exercises for a pregnant woman is walking, swimming, yoga, etc. By following the above-mentioned 10 tips, an expecting mother can make the childbirth experience much easier. Visit BirthRight Obstetrics, the best maternity hospital in Bangalore, to know more.


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