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Trust Building Blocks of Love After Baby is Born

Trust Building Blocks of Love After Baby is Born.

Dearest Mums! Does one ever really think about the role of fathers’ post birth? We are so caught up with our bundle of joy that we forget how insecure we can make the fathers feel. In my experience, a father’s involvement is paramount to ensure a stable, secure environment for your baby. It is the essence of fatherhood. But in most cases due to a lack of trust, it doesn’t happen. One common hiccup that a first-time mother goes through is that her love and trust in her partner suffers.

This can start even before the baby is born. In the course of her pregnancy a woman turns increasingly toward the child growing inside her. It is not easy for fathers to be involved in that phase. It is for us to make them feel a part of this magical process.

Similarly, communication between a baby and the mother kicks in from the very start. It is important he has that communication with BOTH PARENTS. And it’s up to us to create that space for the father and the baby to bond.

A common pattern among new mothers is that since we have maternal instincts, we forget we must also trust our partner’s instincts. YES, we have MATERNAL INSTINCTS and of course we must TRUST those instincts. BUT we must also trust our partner’s instincts. Don’t forget, we have to learn to be a parent. So why should we assume we know it all! While we must trust our own common sense, fact is that it’s easier for our partners to detach themselves from a situation and view it objectively. In other words, they may be better placed to offer a different perspective of life which we might have overlooked. It’s important to remember that and trust their common sense as well.

Both us and our partners get scared at various stages of parenting. It’s important to share those fears and learn together and create a sense of security and love and confidence – for each other and for the child.



Dr. Deepa Durejar

Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Panchseel Park