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Top Benefits of an Online Gynaecologist

The COVID-19 has brought about social distancing and put emphasis on the need of providing adequate healthcare. Online consultation is likely the way forward for quick and effortless healthcare. You can make use of Rainbow Hospital online booking services to see a doctor for gynaecology related issues. Through online consultation, doctors and patients can connect virtually through the use of video calling facilities. You can instantly connect with a gynaecologist regarding any issue or concern you might be having.

What gynaecology problems can you discuss? You should never hesitate to consult about gynaecological issues with your doctor, even if you are consulting online. If you notice any symptom or any other worrying issue, you should seek help from a professional. Common issues for which you can consult your gynaecologist online include:

• Problems related to menstruation, and menopause • Vaginal itching or dryness • Issues related to pregnancy • Abnormal vaginal discharge • Painful urination • Pain while having sex • Queries regarding sterilization, birth control, and contraception • Terminating your pregnancy medically (abortion) • STDs and STIs • PCOD and PCOS • Fecal incontinence • Stress Urinary Incontinence • Cervical dysplasia and endometrial hyperplasia • Congenital abnormalities of your reproductive tract • Endometriosis • Pelvic inflammatory disease • Sexual dysfunction • Health issues pertaining to sexual relationships • Gynaecology emergency care

If you have been previously diagnosed with a gynaecological condition like pelvic inflammatory disease, STDs, STIs, or endometriosis, you should not neglect any new symptom you notice and consult an online doctor straight away. If you feel your symptoms are worsening, you should not delay online doctor appointment booking as it can lead to further complications.

Online consultation: A better alternative that self-diagnosis A lot of women tend to perform a self-diagnosis of their problem by checking their symptoms and using a known home treatment or remedy. However, this might be a hit or a miss and could do you more harm than good. It can be typically dangerous if the medical condition is serious if the symptoms are indications of a serious condition.

Home treatments might be effective to a certain extent but they can never replace a proper diagnosis from a professional gynaecologist. It is fine to want to try natural remedies first, but you should first consult with your gynaecologist to detect the problem and diagnose it. While convenience is a key factor for online gynaecology consultation, a proper diagnosis remains the most important. That is exactly what Rainbow Hospital aims to achieve. You get reliable services with an easy online booking option and access to prescription. You will also be informed of the necessary precautions and the dos and don’ts. Your medical assessment will be done by a qualified gynaecologist over a video call and he/she will then prescribe further treatment or medicines if needed.

What are the benefits? Consulting a doctor is always the first step in treating any medical problem. With online gynaecology services, females can consult a doctor and discuss their issues from the comfort of their home without any hassles. Online consultation is also one of the maternity packages benefits in Delhi that expecting mothers can make use of. You can even get in touch with our experts at Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital. Some key benefits of online consultation include:

24x7 availability: With online services, gynaecologists are available 24x7 for consultation. There is no need to wait for hours to see a doctor. You can connect with a medical professional at any time from your home.

No need to wait for appointments: Previously, if you had to visit the best gynaecologist in Delhi, you would have to wait in long queues. Now, you can get an appointment with the best gynaecologist from your phone itself. Connecting with them only takes a few minutes.

Your privacy is safe: During your online consultation, any personal or sensitive information you share with your gynaecologist remains safe and secured.

Breaking geographical boundaries: This is one of the biggest benefits of online medical consultation as it has no geographical limitation and you can get in touch with your preferred gynaecologist from anywhere in the world.

Easy follow-up appointments: Your follow-up appointments, if any, would be as easy as your first appointment. In fact, in your next appointment, your gynaecologist would already have your diagnosis and medical record, making things easier and more convenient.


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