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This World Health Day, Stay Home & Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle - Rainbow Hospitals

This downtime is the perfect time to turn the focus on yourself. This guide shows you how As people across the globe attempt to sequester themselves from the unsparing coronavirus, there's an inescapable sense of healing that prevails. The canals of Venice are recalling their crystal clear waters. Deer are resurfacing on the streets. People are eating better, exercising more, and the environment is inhabiting a cleaner air. The truth is, it took a pandemic for the world to band together, to slow down, introspect and pause—a silver lining in the pitiful face of despair. Here are some ways the lockdown has promised to help improve our lifestyles. New perspective For many multitasking women, the quarantine has served as an antidote to the stresses of daily life. Without the daily morning rush of getting out of the door, of domestic help badgering for instructions, and getting the cooking done and dusted, there's a bounty of those indulging in new recipes, doing fun activities with kids, and rekindling long-forgotten hobbies. Better family bonding When was the last time you truly left your place of work (whether that's your kitchen or your office or wherever else you spend the maximum part of your day)? This period of self-isolation is the perfect time to work on being mentally present for your family. Little things can go a long way—meals together, evening walks (in a private balcony or terrace), mini cook-outs, or anything else that gets you and your crew going. Work-life balance Working moms, take a bow—and a break. If you're used to the humdrum of an office routine, working from home with your kiddos in tow can more than make up for the mom guilt. Without the travel time to and from work, you can use the extra time on hand to rustle up treats or surprise your kids with a weekday movie. Conscious cooking, timely eating While we're all, on some level, aware of what we eat, we don't often stop to assess the nutrients on our plate. Without domestic help on hand, it's a great time to take cognisance of your household's overall nutrition and implement a meal schedule—and designated meal timings to boot. With better nutrition, comes better health and fewer worries. With mindful meals, your body can reverse years of unhealthy eating, reviving and rejuvenating your body and soul. After all, there's a world of healing in food. Health on top There's no better time than this to take stock of your health. At BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals, our exclusive video consultation platform, 'Hello Doctor – video consultation' bridges the gap between home and hospital by enabling seamless consultations with the best gynecologist, pediatrician or other specialists available to address your concerns. Seek an appointment today. World on mute The world is like a loud, blaring television that's on 24X7. It's up to you to press the mute button. Quarantine is the best time to switch off your devices and self-reflect. Give yourself some well-deserved me-time. The world can wait. As catastrophic as is the coronavirus, gleaning the positives can help keep us grateful for the things that matter - the family around us, the food on the table, and the faith that the world will see sunny days again. All in good time. 

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Chirla

Director Intensive Care Services

Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills