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Pandemic, Pregnancy & Safety: Things to Look For in a Maternity Hospital

What are the criteria you should consider when choosing a birthing center? This guide breaks it down Choosing a maternity hospital that you trust can be challenging against the backdrop of the prevailing pandemic. The criteria you might have considered a few years ago are now compounded by concerns about safety and hygiene, pandemic-proof protocols and minimum-contact vaccination procedures. If these sound familiar, take heart. With some research and a little patience, have faith that you will find a maternity hospital that straddles pandemic and pregnancy in the best way possible. If you’re shortlisting birthing centers, here are some questions you should be asking.

Do you have a pandemic-tailored delivery package? A birthing center with specialized pandemic-proof maternity packages is a reflection of their commitment to your safety and well-being. At Rosewalk Hospital, we’ve introduced several clinical measures such as delayed cord clamping to help mitigate the spread of infections. Ask how the delivery protocols have changed at your hospital since the advent of the pandemic. This should shine a light on whether your hospital is adequately prepared for safe birthing in the current climate.

What sanitization measures is your hospital taking? A good sanitization program should involve regular screening of staff and patients, regular disinfection of common areas and labor delivery suites, rigorous sanitization of suites before and after each delivery, and an overarching ethos of minimum contact.

Do you offer online prenatal classes? Premium birthing centers typically have an array of prenatal classes, including yoga, Lamaze, nutrition, meditation and more, on offer. In light of the pandemic, many centers have shifted prenatal classes to an online platform. By opting in, you can gain an immersive, engaging experience likened to an in-person program.

Do you have a level 4 neonatal intensive care unit? As the highest level of neonatal intensive care in the world, a level 4 neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is capable of caring for babies as premature as 22-24 gestational weeks and babies with complex or critical illnesses. In a climate where unknowns reign supreme, it’s worth choosing a hospital with a level 4 NICU, should your newborn require specialized clinical attention.

How do you ensure safe newborn vaccinations? Your newborn will likely receive a few vaccinations before discharge, and it’s important to get peace of mind that the vaccination protocol is safe with minimum-contact.

Do you have an online video consultation platform? Whether it’s prenatal appointments or postpartum follow-ups, online video consultations can be a wonderful way to connect with your specialist without being physically present. A hospital that encourages online consultations can ensure that you receive specialist support with minimal in-person visits.

Do you have 24/7 emergency services? Around-the-clock emergency services can mean that healing, helping hands are always within reach. A specialized 24/7 clinical team can be of the essence if you have a high-risk pregnancy or if you or your baby require intervention at any time.

Belly to Baby with Rosewalk Hospital At Rosewalk Hospital, our Safe Place to Deliver Birthing Package is tailored with pandemic-safe routines. With frequent disinfection, rigorous sanitization of birthing suites before and after each delivery, delayed cord clamping, and pandemic-safe vaccination protocols, we’re committed to giving you a memorable pregnancy and delivery experience. We have a bouquet of online prenatal programs and encourage video consultations as much as possible. Our level 4 NICU is built for critically ill newborns and promises an unparalleled care experience.

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