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The Ultimate Guide to Taking Control of Your Labor

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Control of Your Labor Worried about what to expect during your delivery? Here’s how to take charge and stay empowered Recipe for a positive birth 1 cup of good support 4.5 cups of informed choice 3 cups of equitable care 2 cups of relaxing environment 1 cup of birth education Pinch of confidence And voila, there you have it—the ultimate recipe for a full portion of baby and an empty portion of belly. Who knew conjuring a positive labor only required a few golden ingredients? The truth is, when it comes to preparing for labor, every woman has a specific perception, inevitably colored by movies and social media. And yet, the portrayals we witness of childbirth are often largely exaggerated, even overdramatised. You don’t have to be screaming down the hallway or demolish your partner’s hand to bring your baby earth side. You can still maintain your composure and truly feel the beats of your labor without letting it dominate your spirit. If you’re worried about what to expect, these guiding principles should hold you in good stead before, during and after labor. Go on and take notes! Looking for the best gynecologist in South Delhi?

Rehearse labor exercises
From rhythmic breathing to meditation to conducive birthing positions, there is a host of routines you can adopt to ease and shorten your labor. Remember to have your partner at the ready, since many of these will require you to have an extra pair of hands on board. Set aside an evening to practise together—it’s bound to come in handy on your big day!

Plan your environment If you’ve decided where you want to give birth, delve a little deeper into the details. What kind of atmosphere do you want? Do you want the lighting dimmed? Do you have a soothing playlist you want on? Perhaps a luxury hospital suite and some scented candles? Curating your environment to your liking can help calm your nerves and envelop you in familiar vibes.

Opt for a prenatal workshop Lamaze, prenatal yoga and meditation can help prime your body and mind for labor and postpartum, in addition to equipping you with helpful breathing techniques that can alleviate the pressure of labor. Focusing on your body can help you feel in control when labor rolls around.

Educate yourself “Natural labor tears the vagina.” “Epidurals delay childbirth.” “Consistent exercise guarantees a pain-free delivery.” There are myriad myths and misconceptions surrounding childbirth. Arming yourself with the right information can help you separate fact from fiction and empower you to make the right decisions for your body and your Baby.

Quell your worries It’s okay to worry. But if you have a mounting burden of fears, it’s best to tackle them before they weigh you down. Make a checklist of your fears and address each one methodically. Ask yourself where the fear stems from and how you can overcome it. By taking each one on in this way, you can lighten your mental load and gain a little perspective.

Be positive “Repeat after me, I am in control of my body. My body is my guiding light. I will birth my baby with confidence.” Saying positive affirmations when you’re pregnant can become a wellspring of positive thoughts during labor. Come up with a single sentence that really resonates with you. Ideally, keep it short and uplifting. Then, make this your pregnancy and labor mantra. Saying it over and over again will steep you in positivity.

Visualize your baby As waves of pain and contractions wash over you, you might lose sight of why you are where you are in the first place. If your breathing exercises and meditation feel impossible to continue, focus your energies on visualizing your baby’s sweet face. In just a short while, you’ll welcome them into the world and then, this will all be worth it. If you’re counting down to your delivery, bookmark this article for a dose of positivity. For more information on how you can take charge of your labor, schedule a consultation with a specialist at Rosewalk Hospital. We’re home to the best gynecologists in South Delhi and regarded among the best hospitals for delivering a baby in the National Capital Region. Here, we promise you an uplifting delivery experience that honors your choices. Looking for the best hospital for delivering a baby? At Rosewalk, we have you covered. With our luxury hospital suites, five-star services and avant-garde clinical ecosystem, we promise you the experience of a lifetime.


Dr. Rita Bakshi

Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynecology

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