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The Smallest COVID 19 Warrior goes home!

An inspiring story of sick most mother and baby dyad… 26 years old Soumya was 24 weeks pregnant, when she was admitted with serious COVID 19 infection at Rainbow Children’s Hospital. Multidisciplinary team including intensive care specialists and obstetricians like Dr. Dinesh Chirla, Dr. Pranati Reddy, Dr. Nishant Reddy, Dr. Bhargavi Reddy, at Rainbow Children’s Hospital and Birthright worked together to treat her and monitor her pregnancy. COVID 19 pneumonia during pregnancy: Soumya was brought in to very critical condition. She was experiencing respiratory failure due to severe COVID 19 pneumonia for which she was put on life support (ventilator). She was also showing signs of sepsis, potentially fatal infection of blood stream. She was put on multiple antibiotics and medications to maintain her blood pressure. Despite of best supportive care, her condition continued to worsen. When pregnant women are affected with COVID19 pneumonia, these changes make the illness more severe, as she has to breathe for herself and her fetus. Her family watched her progress from necessary distance and as her clinical condition was worsening, took combined decision with the team of obstetricians, anesthetist, neonatologists and intensive care specialists to terminate the pregnancy and save Soumya’s life. Story of miracle baby being born: Soumya underwent elective caesarian section and delivered baby boy, at 24 weeks of gestation with a birth weight of 620gram, who cried well at birth and was put on the breathing support immediately after birth. Dr. Nitasha, Consultant Neonatologist at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Banjara Hills says, “We were cautious but hopeful after baby of Soumya was shifted to neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). COVID 19 was a new illness, we did not know to what extent it might affect the babies who were born at extreme premature and extreme low birth weight.” Baby received advanced neonatal care for four months at level 3 NICU, was placed on ventilator, underwent multiple blood transfusions and oxygen therapy. It was a long ride, but D baby was a fighter. The nurses nicknamed him as a ‘Miracle Baby’ Our team is geared up to take best care of such small babies as more than 1200 such small babies have been discharged home in last 20 years of establishment of Rainbow Children’s Hospital. Baby of Soumya turned out to be negative for COVID 19 infection. Although the disease ransacked Soumya’s body but the only sight of her baby delighted her and she was all geared up to take care of her baby. To the best of our knowledge, this was the most sick mother and baby dyad in India, who sailed through the tough COVID 19 disease and was discharged home. Dr. Dinesh says, “This was an uplifting case, the whole team deserves so much credit, not just for happy outcome of Soumya, her baby and her family but for all of us who were privileged to care for the dyad”. Father was very thankful, as though he got a very critically ill wife who had little chance to survive, he was also able to take a happy baby home.

Dr Nithasha Bagga

Consultant - Pediatrician and Neonatologist

Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills