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Supplements: What Doctors don’t tell you

Despite two pregnancies, I’ve never quite gotten my head around the need for nutritional supplements. What is folic acid anyway and if it’s so important, how come I have never heard of it?It’s also recommended that you start taking it before pregnancy, and I mean, unless you are really, really trying and actually visit a doctor during that period, how are you to know?

I doubt my mother took any. But then again she was told to have a glass of wine now and then to calm her nerves. Lucky for me, she had never been a big drinker. Second-hand smoke, however, was rampant.
But I digress. The difference between then and now is for another blog.

Apart from folic acid one of the other things I had to start on was iron tablets. Like many women from the subcontinent, I was iron-deficient. When I picked up my little maroon pills from the pharmacy, I didn’t think much of it, although I did remember that the pharmacists stressed that I drink one or two glasses of water every time I took one.