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Summer Time is Sweat Pads Time – Product Review

Delhi Summer’s seem to be just around the corner. What else am I supposed to think since I get drenched in sweat the moment I step out of my air-conditioned home or office. My shower is long-forgotten as I sit in my burning car, the sweat pouring down my scalp, matting my hair as it makes it down my back and past my underarms, soaking through my clothes and making them transparent (that ensures I don’t wear any of those lovely, fine summer cotton) But with the temperatures already hitting 39C, it was too cruel to have to spend the next many months in dark, thick fabrics. I needed a solution.

So I decided to try out these new under-arm sweat pads that seemed like they would allow me to take off my business jacket at work instead of baking in it just because I did not want anyone to see the embarrassing sweat patches in my armpits.