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Rainbow’s Home Monitoring Package

The aging population is on the rise. And as it increases, the challenges associated with their health and wellbeing increases as well. And when your child is sick and needs treatment, these challenges reach a whole new level. Staying in a hospital is stressful. That is why many people are now opting for home monitoring services owing to the convenience and comfort it offers. However, it is important to ensure that the home monitoring package you select offers high-quality services. With Rainbow’s home monitoring package, you will get home visits by healthcare professionals, medical equipment rentals, full doctor consultations from the best pediatrician in Hyderabad, and personalized care. Here are all the benefits you will be able to enjoy with this service: 1. Reduces the risk of infection and promotes healing When your child is at home, he/she will be protected from all the infections they might get exposed to in the hospital. Critical post-surgery care can leave them more sensitive to infection and relapse. With in-home medical care, they will heal faster and better because of less exposure to infections. 2. Cheaper than in-hospital care Critical care requires performing special procedures multiple times every day. If your child stays at the hospital, it will cost you a lot. Making your child stay at the hospital for a long duration is not cost-effective. With in-home services, your child will get a professional level of medical care right from the comfort and safety of your home. When compared to in-hospital treatment, it is very cost-effective. 3. Familiar surroundings If your child stays in the hospital for a long time, it can negatively impact their mental health. Hospitals can leave them feeling stressed and burdened because of their surroundings. Also, if they see doctors and patients constantly, it will lead to negativity. With the home monitoring package, they will receive professional medical care at their home. Being in a loving and comfortable environment will help relieve stress and keep their mind relaxed. Having familiar surroundings and a healthy mindset can help them heal better. 4. Personalized treatment When your child is admitted to a hospital, they will receive the same treatment offered to everyone else. There is little to no room for adapting the care as per your child’s specific requirements. This can leave you dissatisfied with the service in some way or the other. However, the home monitoring package is known for providing a customized and personalized experience. It will be unique and designed as per your child’s needs. This way, he/she can be much more comfortable. Also, they will be receiving one-on-one care that will help them recover better. 5. Get support for your routine activities It is possible that your child experiences difficulty in performing basic activities for themselves like bathing, cleaning, grooming, and cooking. The in-home care facility will ensure that there are professionals who can help them with these daily activities. 6. Medication management When your child is suffering from different problems, the number of required medications increases. The doctor will give you different medications for different problems. It is important that you ensure proper medication and prescription management. However, this can be confusing and, if you mess it up, it can lead to some serious health problems like an overdose. But, if you use a home monitoring package, a professional caregiver will manage your child’s medications. This will ensure that they always get the right medication at the right time. 7. Companionship One of the main issues children face in hospitals is the lack of social interaction. Yes, you can have visitors, but only for a limited amount of time. With the home monitoring package, your child will receive treatment at home and be able to interact with their family members. So, if your child is sick and has to be under supervision, you can opt for the home monitoring package offered by the best children's hospital in Hyderabad, Rainbow Children’s Hospital. It is the safest and the most comfortable way of getting the best medical care without excessive cost.


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