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Quick Tips to Improve Fertility

FERTILITY TIP #1 Natural way to boost fertility - Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants, i.e., oranges, grapes, spinach, broccoli, nuts, green tea, legumes. FERTILITY TIP #2 Improve fertility naturally in men by exercising daily, avoiding smoking and alcohol, reducing stress, supplement diet with food rich in vitamin D and zinc. Avoid excess exposure to pollution (chemicals and plastic). FERTILITY TIP #3 Excess exposure to pollution (chemicals and plastic), consuming high amounts of soy, mobile/Wi-Fi radiation and frequent sauna and steam baths reduces sperm count and quality. FERTILITY TIP #4 Optimize your pregnancy health by getting haemoglobin blood sugars and thyroid hormones checked preconception. FERTILITY TIP #5 Women planning pregnancy advised to take folic acid 5 mg/daily at least 3 months prior to planning. This will prevent neurological problems in the baby. FERTILITY TIP #6 Women with PCOS are advised to take foods rich in inositols- banana, oranges, pears, tomatoes, beans, leafy vegetables, nuts, eggs, whole grains. These help to correct the hormonal imbalances. FERTILITY TIP #7 Women with PCOS who are obese, losing 10% of their body weight will help to regularize their monthly cycle. FERTILITY TIP #8 Couples planning pregnancy are advised to try every alternate day in the fertile period to optimize their chances of conception. FERTILITY TIP #9 Women with regular cycles and have been trying for more than one year to conceive are advised to consult a fertility specialist. FERTILITY TIP #10 Stress is a major factor attributed to the problem of difficulty in getting pregnant for working couples. FERTILITY TIP #11 Regular exercises and yoga have proven benefits in improving fertility healthy in both men and women. FERTILITY TIP #12 Ideal age for women to plan pregnancy is before 30 years. With advancing age the number and quality of the eggs decrease. Hence the conception chances decrease. (Tips shared by Dr. Preethy Reddy, Fertility Specialist, Rainbow Children's Hospital, Madhapur, Hyderabad)


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