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Pre-and post-surgery covid safety guidelines

Healthcare providers continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from the urgent COVID care being provided, doctors continue to cater to other health concerns, including performing surgical procedures in cases where a delay could potentially be harmful. Your doctors will discuss with you whether you need surgery to be performed now or later. Surgeries like cataract surgery, reconstructive procedures, etc. are not emergencies. Your healthcare provider will consider factors like the availability of alternative treatments and whether your condition worsens without surgery. Before you undergo surgery, you should inform your doctor about any COVID symptoms you might have had. You will likely be tested for the virus even if you show no symptoms. Hospitals take all necessary measures to make sure your surgery is performed in the safest possible environment. After your surgery, talk to your doctor about your length of hospital stay and whether you can get aftercare virtually.

Dr. Anupama Y

Senior Consultant – Pediatric Intensivist and pediatrcian

Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills