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Our Success Stories: Human Milk Bank At Rainbow Children’s Hospital Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Human milk donation is a not a new concept. It’s been few decades that Human Milk Banks are established in association with few tertiary care NICUs in India. With the highest number of preterm deliveries and suboptimal breastfeeding, these human milk banks are able to provide milk to those fragile tiny humans. Due to lack of awareness, education and cultural interferences, very few mothers are willing to donate. But for the past 5-6 years, due to an increase in usage of media and social media presence, it has caught momentum and many mothers who are producing excess milk are willing to donate. Here comes the story of a mother who donated 26 litres of milk to Rainbow Mother’s Milk Bank, Hyderabad. Dr. Vignata Sajja, a pediatrician by profession, delivered her baby at BirthRight by Rainbow through LSCS. She breastfed her baby immediately after birth. Her breastfeeding journey was not so smooth due to flat nipples and latching issues. As a pediatrician herself, she knows the importance of breast milk to her baby so she started to pump and feed her baby while trying to get her baby to breast. But all her efforts were in vain and baby reached the 3rd month. So she decided that she would feed baby her pumped milk through a bottle. As she was pumping every 2nd hourly, her milk volume increased by 3rd month, she started storing milk thinking she can use it after 6 months when she joins work after her maternity leave.

But the milk was more than what she expected, so she contacted us about the Milk Donation to Rainbow Mothers' Milk Bank. Then there was no looking back. She kept pumping and storing, then donating it to the Milk Bank. She donated around 26 litres of milk in a span of 3 months. She donated till her baby reached 6 months of age. She maintained a very healthy diet regime so that she gives nutrient rich milk to preterm babies as well as her baby.

Such an inspiring milk donation journey she had. She is an inspiration to many mothers. She feels proud about the fact that with a very little effort from her side has done well to lot of premature babies. We salute such mothers who come forward voluntarily to help tiny humans. A mere 100ml of milk can feed 3 extreme premature babies for at least 2 days. So every drop counts.

Dr. Nitasha Bagga

Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatologist

Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Banjara Hills