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Online Doctor Visit During Covid-19 - Stay Home, Stay Safe

At the Rainbow Children’s Hospital, we are committed to providing essential services to the mother and child during the pandemic. This is why we have introduced a novel way to help you meet the doctor, from the comfort and safety of your home. The platform used for the online video consultation is known as Hello Doctor. Currently, the country is facing a public health emergency because of COVID-19. We, at the Rainbow Children’s Hospitals, are here for serving 24/7. With the online platform, you can contact a doctor anytime and ask them about your pressing health concerns. All the medical professionals at our hospital are experts and well-experienced in their respective specialties. We will be allotting a doctor to you at a specific time for the online video consultation. If the doctors are unavailable at a specific time, we will be rescheduling your consultation to an agreed-upon time. Through the online video consultation, all the patients who are stuck in their homes and are in need of medical assistance. Through the online medical consultations, a doctor and patient can be connected with a face-to-face meeting on the web. It also helps with the following: 1. Extending medical services and online consultation that is primarily focused on the rural and under-developed areas that are lacking proper healthcare facilities/services. 2. Addressing non-emergency situations where the doctors/specialists can provide home remedies to people. 3. Providing post-operative care advice, clarification, or any medical information that you might need. 4. Offering a second opinion on the ailments. 5. Discussing personal issues with the doctors. All you have to do is fill in your details, finish the process, and the hospital will get in touch with you. With this, you will be able to get the online consultation from our doctor, right from the safety of your home. How does the ‘Hello Doctor’ work? 1. Enter the details. 2. Carefully read all the terms and conditions and check the box. 3. Click the ‘Pay Now’ button for making the payment for your online consultation. The fees might depend on the specialist, doctor, etc. that you are booking. 4. Once you have made the payment, one of the hospital representatives will be calling you for explaining the process, availability of the doctors, and for confirming the time slot. 5. Once everything is confirmed, the hospital will send you a meeting link for the online consultation with the doctor. 6. After the video consultation is completed, the hospital will send you a prescription in the email. Sometimes, the email ends up in your junk folder. So, don’t forget to check it. If you want a refund, you have to keep your prescriptions and reports with you. If you have been in the hospital before, you should have your UHID as well. Because of the lockdown and the hesitation among people to step out of the game, video consultation can be of immense help. This is especially true for pediatric and gynecology consultants because parents don’t want to take their baby out during the pandemic and pregnant mothers who don’t want to contract the virus in the hospital. At the Rainbow Children’s Hospital, we know that in the current situation, visiting a doctor can be difficult for several people. Regardless of whether you are feeling too sick to get out of the house, or you are too busy to visit the hospital, or you are not in the country and have to speak with a doctor, receiving online consultation from Rainbow Children’s Hospital couldn’t be easier. In regards to the current health situation, several precautionary measures are taken and constraints are implemented for limiting the spread of the virus. With the technological advancement and the diligence of the ground staff at the hospital, we have made the complete process of medical consultation seamless. This ensures that we don’t compromise on any precautions that should be maintained at this time. Online consultation has made it easier for people to get medical advice from experts in the field. However, we understand that there are some people who have to discuss their issues in person. This is why our physical OPDs are open in Bangalore. You can call 1800-2122 for booking an appointment. To know more about the services that we offer and how they can help you, you can visit our website.


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