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National Parent`s Day: Special Thank You Note To All The Parents - Rainbow Hospitals

This poem is an ode to all parents, all across the world, from all of us at Rainbow Children’s Hospital & BirthRight by Rainbow

On days that seem heavy, when your patience runs thin, At the parenting game, you cannot seem to win, Remind yourself you’re doing the best job you can, And that your child will always be your number one fan,

When the baby’s a-howling from a severe bout of colic,

When your life seems all sucked of fun and frolic,

There’s no time to cook dinner, to shower or to eat,

The dark days seem endless, the nights far from sweet, For the values and morals you continue to instill, For the cracks and chasms you continue to fill, You’re playing a role so earnest and true, There’s no gift greater you can give than you, When they break all the rules and howl and guffaw, When there are days you wish you could unsee what you saw, When the world seems like a circus and you feel like a clown, Take a deep breath and calm yourself down, The red-inked report cards are nothing on your child, Who belongs to blue skies, butterflies, and the wonderful wild, The assessments and tests, reviews and examinations, Pale in comparison to your child’s wondrous imagination, On evenings you nudge them to complete their homework, But they brush off your nagging with a cold shoulder and a smirk, You wonder how they went from a baby to a teen, A transformation so sudden, it went totally unseen, As they grow up and need you less and less, Your heart breaks a little, you must confess, For now their friends take priority and you’re in the background, As their world opens up to interests newfound, As they reach all of eighteen and spread their wings, Your pride knows no bounds, your heart soars and sings, You’ve raised a world citizen who will further its glory, And leave for future generations a beautiful story, When they’ve flown the nest and have a family of their own, You marvel at how those seeds you had long ago sown, Of honor and honesty, of faith and humility, Bloom wildly, in abundance, in peace, in sincerity, When they call to say hello after a long, hard day, You feel like you’ve been warmed by the sun’s brightest ray, Even from afar, your resplendent light, Shines on your child by day and by night, When you think back now to all those years ago, When the tantrums were aplenty and it was hard to say ‘no’, You wish with all your heart that you could turn back the clock, And stay there awhile, and of memory take stock, At Rainbow, today, we’d like to thank you, For setting an example, so selfless and true,

We celebrate your spirit, this National Parents’ Day,

And thank you for finding and leading the way.

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MBBS, DGO, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad