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National Doctors’ Day: An Ode from Rainbow Hospitals

At Rainbow Children’s Hospital & BirthRight by Rainbow, we celebrate doctors today and every other day. Here is a poem that encompasses all the roles they play in our lives Of gentle gloved hands that take you from womb to world, Unfolding your tiny body as you emerge pink and curled, A nine-month journey culminating earthside, Always cherished, never forgotten, by mother or child, On your fifth birthday, when a stumble and fall, Send you straight to the ER, to the physician on-call, The scar now a badge, an emblem of childhood days, Of when playtime and pandemonium collided in a dreamy, happy haze, When you’re far away from home with a fever and chills, And the drawers are empty, devoid of any pills, It’s well past midnight, the hospital too far, So the doctor is dialed, for guidance from afar, When motherhood calls out, yet seems far out of reach, When the monthly disappointment lingers on like a leech, Your fertility specialist assures you that things will be fine, And soon, the pregnancy test flashes the ‘positive’ sign, When the radiologist points out the heartbeat on the screen, Flickering inside you in an effulgent sheen, The promise of new life growing stronger every day, Each little milestone sending memories your way, Nine months of waiting, of nurturing and caring, Progress big and small equally as worthy of sharing, With your trusted obstetrician on those appointments so dear, Providing comfort and reassurance and a wise listening ear, In the deep throes of labor, inside the delivery room, As contractions cocoon you in pain-ridden gloom, Those gentle gloved hands provide a steady sense of calm, Like a soothing antidote, like a tranquilizing balm, When you’re in need of advice or a guiding hand, When you feel like you’re lost in no-man’s-land, From breastfeeding tips to postpartum support, Your gynecologist’s support never falls short, In your autumn years, as your body starts to bow, Checkups keep you shielded against the future and how, By diagnosing disease and offsetting pain, By minimizing symptoms, offering relief for the gain, To the gentle gloved hands that provide us protection, Enabling each phase with a healthful resurrection, In the comfort of your home, or a hospital room, From head to toe and womb to tomb, At Rainbow Children’s Hospital, we doff our hat to you, For your dedication, devotion and relentless drive too, Today, in your honor, a tribute we pay, And wish you a very Happy Doctor’s Day! Today, take a moment to say thanks to your obstetrician, pediatrician, child specialist, fertility specialist, gynecologist, or any other doctor that has made a difference in your life!


Consultant Obstetrician, Gynecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon MD, MRCOG (UK)

Rainbow Children’s Hospital & BirthRigh, Banjara Hills.