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Miracles Do Happen…A father shares his NICU success story!

Ranjeet, who was working as a contractor in Chindwada, Madhya Pradesh, shared his emotions when his baby boy was discharged from Rainbow Children’s Hospital NICU, “Me and my wife Rajkumari’s dreams were shattered when my baby was born and we came to know that there was a cyst in his belly and also a hole in his stomach and we thought surgery will fix him but that didn’t happen.” After the first surgery in Nagpur and treatment in ICU for 16 days, the doctors told them that there was a risk to his life and he needs to go to the higher center for further management. He said, “That was the time when no other thoughts came to my mind than to come to Rainbow Children’s Hospital, which is known to be the most equipped place in newborn care and today, when I am going home, I feel proud of my decision that my doctors Dr. Dinesh Chirla, Dr. Nitasha Bagga and Dr. Mainek Deb and their whole NICU team who took the best care of my baby. I am overwhelmed with the response and support which we received from Dr. Nitasha and Dr. Dinesh, who not only took care of the medical treatment but also the whole team that gave me extensive moral support throughout my 51 days of NICU stay. Dr. Nitasha means family to me. My son’s name is Viraj and I am proud to say Dr. Nitasha gave that name. We thank each and every person at Rainbow Children’s Hospital NICU who ensured that we could receive the needed care in time.” B/O Rajkumari (Viraj) was diagnosed to have spontaneous gastric perforation and jejunal cystic mass, which was repaired outside. Unfortunately, he developed a bilious leak with intraperitoneal collection and severe sepsis with septic shock. Exploratory laparotomy with adhesiolysis was done was treated for persistent biliary fistula (enterocutaneous fistula) with candida sepsis. This baby could not be fed for almost 2 weeks and was put on IV nutrition and once started on feeds, he was also given slow feeds with a gastric tube. We also had a stressful period in terms of both medical management and emotional storms of the parents. A multidisciplinary approach helped in sailing through successfully and the baby was discharged home safely. What is equally commendable is commitment of Ranjeet and Rajkumari towards their child’s treatment. He is now two and half years old with normal growth and developmental milestones.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Chirla

Director Intensive Care Services

Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills