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Keep Yourself and Baby Safe During these Winters

Keep yourself and baby safe during these winters

Pregnancy can sometimes turn out to be a bit difficult for expectant mothers during the winter months. Pregnant women are more susceptible to cough, cold, and infections. Furthermore, with medicine intake being restricted during pregnancy, the cold air causes aches and pains. If you prepare in advance to face the harsh weather during pregnancy, you can get through it without much hassle.

The onset of winter calls for special care. Freezing temperature and dehydration and preventing you from enjoying the winters during your pregnancy. Pregnancy care during winters must involve sufficient protection by consuming the right foods, wearing the right garments, keeping the skin hydrated, and most importantly, boosting your body’s immunity levels. Visit the best maternity hospital in Hyderabad and get recommendations from the doctor on what you need to do to protect yourself and your baby during winters. Keep drinking water to avoid dehydration When the temperature outside is low, you are likely not too concerned about dehydration. However, winters can be really dry and you are not likely to feel too thirsty. You must remember to drink sufficient water since dehydration can cause several issues including light-headedness and even preterm labor. You would even have to drink more water than you used to before pregnancy. If you are getting sick of drinking water all time, you can switch things up and have some decaf tea.

Going outdoors
When you are pregnant, perhaps the most recommended form of exercising is walking. However, during winters, you will find it hard to get off the couch, let alone go for a walk. However, you should remember that physical activity is important during pregnancy and it can be helpful with pains and aches.

A great idea would be to sign up for virtual classes designed specifically for expecting mothers. Yoga is an excellent choice for pregnant women as it helps in alleviating back pain and also helps you in controlling your breathing, which can come in handy at the time of delivery.

If you are not comfortable visiting the best maternity hospital in Bangalore, then visit BirthRight by Rainbow. During winters, you can even take virtual appointments and have your pregnancy monitored from home. When you do not spend much time outside, one issue is that you won’t get enough sunlight, which can affect your mood. You should try to get vitamin D in sufficient amounts. If you are not sure whether you are getting enough, consult with your doctor to know if you need to take a supplement.

Be wary of winter germs During pregnancy, you are bound to be worried about falling sick. Your body is going through a whole lot of changes as it is and if you fall sick, it can be difficult to figure out the medications that are safe to take.

If you want to avoid catching something, you need to follow the necessary safety guidelines. These guidelines should be followed in general during the cold and flu season. Avoid touching your mouth and nose and keep your hands as clean as possible. Make sure you do not share space with anyone who has been sneezing and coughing. Influenza vaccine is recommended for pregnant women for preventing the flu. Ask your doctor about any other vaccination shots that he/she thinks you might need.

Beware of slippery sidewalks If you are an urban resident and you need to walk to work or anywhere else, you would be worried about the slippery sidewalks during the winters. Your center of gravity changes during the winters, which means you are already prone to falling. Complications might arise from a blow to the abdomen, although it is rare. Make sure you wear flat, supportive, and no-slip boots. Avoid high heels and try not to carry anything too heavy. If you do fall and take a hit to your belly, contact your doctor immediately to make sure everything is fine. Gynecologists at BirthRight by Rainbow can guide you in the best possible way. Winter attire A fun thing about pregnancy is buying maternity clothes. However, buying heavy coats for winters can get too costly. It can be hard to spend such an excessive amount on something that you will only use for a few months. You can, however, buy convertible clothes that will even last you beyond pregnancy.


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