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IVF cost and success rate

In Vitro Fertilizationor IVF has come to the rescue of those couples who wish to start a family but are unable to do so due to infertility issues. IVF is an infertility treatment process that involves the egg from a female being mixed with the sperm of her partner or a donor in a lab. The outcome from this process tends to vary from one case to another and from one clinic to another.

Cost of IVF treatment:

The cost of IVF treatment ranges from Rs 79,000 to Rs 1,75,000 in India. The price tends to vary based on your location, the amount of medications you need to take, and the number of cycles you need to undergo to get pregnant and have a baby. Also, you need to factor in the amount that your insurance company pays for the procedure. Before undergoing the treatment, you should get to know about the coverage your insurance company provides for IVF and get a written statement for the benefits. Some insurance companies might be willing to pay for monitoring and infertility drugs, but not for the cost of artificial reproductive technology like IVF.

The success rate of IVF treatment:

There are several factors, both male and female, that play a role in determining the likelihood of an in vitro fertilization cycle resulting in pregnancy. For male infertility issues, it is recommended to visit the best andrologist in Hyderabad to sort things out.

The success rate of the treatment depends on:

Age: The chances of success from an IVF treatment are higher for younger women. You have the greatest chances of achieving pregnancy through the treatment if you are under 35. When you get older, your ovaries are less likely to have a good response to the hormone-stimulating drugs and hence produce fewer eggs. Furthermore, the quality of eggs generally degrades as you get older. So, the eggs find it difficult to implant in the uterus. Even if you do get pregnant through the treatment, the chances of having a live birth through it are lower for older women.

Ovarian reserve: A woman’s ovarian reserve means the number of good quality eggs left in her ovaries that can be fertilized. You have higher chances of success if your ovarian reserve is better.

Fallopian tubes: The success rate of IVF treatment also depends on the healthiness of fallopian tubes. If there is a blockage in either or both of the fallopian tubes, the chances of getting pregnant are lower. However, the process of IVF does completely bypass the fallopian tubes. Before you attempt IVF, undergoing a simple procedure known as salpingectomy at the best IVF centre in Hyderabad can increase your odds for success:

Lifestyle factors: In general, if you live a healthy life, you have a better chance of achieving pregnancy through IVF. On the other hand, lifestyle factors like smoking, being underweight or obese can hinder your chances of success.

While it can be complicated to calculate the exact odds of success through IVF treatment, the above-mentioned factors can still be considered. On average, the IVF success rate in India ranges from 30-35%. Among young women, the success rate of IVF globally is more than 40%. The success rate tends to increase among women younger than 35.

Typically, with any assisted reproductive technology, the rate of success is determined by the number of live births per embryo transfer. It is also known as the live birth rate.

Nowadays, with the use of modern reproductive techniques, the success rates of IVF across the world has increased significantly. For instance, many clinics have adopted a technique where they freeze the embryos they obtain after a conventional IVF instead of the eggs.

In some couples, the conventional IVF treatment might not work. For example, in cases of male infertility, andrology experts in Bangalore often suggest Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI. ICSI is nothing but an extended classification of IVF. In ICSI, a single sperm is picked up in a laboratory and directly injected into an egg. This is done to improve the chances of fertilization. During an IVF treatment, couples may face a lot of challenges and might have to undergo multiple cycles to finally get pregnant and have a baby.

Experts BirthRight Fertility by Rainbow will clear all your fertility related doubt and suggest the best for you in case you are looking for a treatment.

Dr.Ratna Durvasula

Consultant Infertility Specialist

Rainbow Children's Hospital, Banjara Hills