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How to take care of yourself during your first trimester?

Going through a pregnancy can be quite overwhelming, with everything you need to do and consider. Consulting with a top gynaecologist in Delhi is always helpful as they will provide you with all the necessary information and address your queries. Feeling overwhelmed initially is understandable but you need to pace yourself. There is still a long road ahead. The first trimester is only the initial stage of the nine months of pregnancy. During this stage, you need to follow certain steps to take good care of yourself.

Get better control over your feelings Pregnancy is a major event in your life and having mixed feelings makes total sense. You are likely to experience an entire range of emotions and you should allow yourself to feel those emotions. Consider starting a pregnancy journal. Taking regular pictures of your baby bump will give you a better idea of its growth so you can adjust accordingly and manage all the excitement and anxiety associated with it.

What you feel about this life-changing experience might be opposite to what your partner feels. Your partner may be nervous about things even if you feel excited. Some people are excited to become parents while others take some time to digest the news. You should respect your partner’s feelings and communicate with them about your feelings as well. If you are single and about to be a mother, keeping your friends and family close can help a lot throughout your pregnancy.

Consult with your doctor If you want the best care, you should search for the top 10 gynaecologist in Delhi and make an appointment with the one closest to your location. The medical care in Delhi is quite good and you are likely to find good doctors if you know where to look. Ask for referrals from your friends and family in the city. If you already have a gynaecologist whom you trust, schedule a prenatal visit with them. Regardless of which hospital you give birth at, you will still need regular screenings and medical care throughout pregnancy.

The first prenatal visit is similar to a regular physical checkup, with additional urine and blood tests. In most cases, women don’t have their first ultrasound before 12 weeks. Consult with your doctor regarding the vaccinations you may require, including flu shots.

Plan your diet When you are pregnant, having a healthy diet is more important than ever. Your diet needs to be full of nutrition to keep up with your needs and well as that of your growing baby. You may have heard that you need to eat for two, but that doesn’t mean you need to double your usual intake. On average, women only need to increase that daily intake by 300 calories. Your body mass index before pregnancy determines the guidelines for weight gain, so consult with your doctor about the healthy options.

Make sure you know about all the foods that women must avoid during pregnancy. If you had a few drinks or ate some of these foods before you got to know about your pregnancy, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Just make sure you follow all the eating rules from now on.

Know what you must avoid
Apart from your diet, you also have to take additional care for avoiding other environmental hazards and substances when you are pregnant. This even includes certain household items like cleaners, excessively hot showers or bath, specific medications, and strenuous work. When you are taking care of your pets, you need to follow some safety tips for avoiding an illness known as toxoplasmosis. While it goes without saying, you also need to avoid the use of recreational drugs and smoking when you are pregnant. You should also limit your intake of alcohol during pregnancy, even though a specific safe threshold for alcohol consumption during pregnancy is unknown.

Adjust your exercising routine When you find out that you are pregnant, you are likely to be tempted to become more fit than ever. There is a good reason for that. Exercising does help pregnant women manage everything, including an excessive gain of weight, mood swings, pains, and aches. However, safety is essential with prenatal exercises, and the best way to achieve it is through consistency and moderation.

In the first trimester, it is generally safe to continue your exercising routine before pregnancy. However, your exercises shouldn’t involve lifting too heavy, risk of falls, extreme abdominal twists or humidity, or heat. Some of the ideal prenatal exercises for women include swimming and walking. Discuss your workout routine with your healthcare provider.

Manage your symptoms In some cases, women go through their entire first trimester with no or minimal symptoms. However, others do experience symptoms such as fatigue, breast soreness, nausea, mood swings, constipation, and frequent urination in the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy. Handling these symptoms is completely up to the individual. While some women manage nausea by eating small snacks, others deal with fatigue by drinking more water. Talk to your doctor and other mothers about how to manage your symptoms.

Manage your sleep schedule Pregnant women feel a constant need for napping. In the first trimester, one of the most common issues is fatigue. It is a result of your body working hard for building the placenta. Specific habits and food items affect your energy levels. Get to know what you should and shouldn’t do when you feel tired. Getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep at night is important and you should try to take naps as well when possible. You should know that exercising is a great way to boost energy during pregnancy.

Try relaxing When you are in the first trimester, you may already be concerned about pregnancy complications like a miscarriage. You may even be confused about the top hospital for baby delivery in Delhi. However, you should try to not fear too much. Instead, you should take the time to understand your concerns. If you stay positive, it will be healthy for you as well as your baby.


Dr. Rajat Gupta

Consultant - Obstetrics and Gynecology

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